This is what a Neanderthal looked like. The scientists brought his face to life and marveled. They called him an old man


Scientists have published a new reconstruction of the face of a Neanderthal man whose nearly complete skeleton was found 115 years ago by priests in a cave in France. Due to a serious illness, he was missing almost all of his teeth.

Scientists have reconstructed the face of a Neanderthal man. You can see how it could have looked inside the article. Illustrative image

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Another person from the distant past came to life under the hands of forensic researchers. This time they embarked on form reconstruction a Neanderthal who was nicknamed the old man because of his missing teeth and whose remains were discovered by a group of Catholic priests more than a century ago.

What did the Ice Maiden Juanita, who was sacrificed by the Incas, probably look like? Look at:

This is Juanita the Ice Maiden. Scientists have revived the face of the beauty sacrificed by the Incas

An almost complete skeleton was found by priests in 1908 in a cave in the village of La Chapelle-aux-Saints in south-central France. After a closer look, the experts discovered that this is not a modern man, but Fr Neanderthalsi.e. a species that, according to most scientists, became extinct roughly 40,000 years ago.

According to the University of Texas at Austin, the skeleton had several distinctive features, including an excessively large supraorbital arch, large eye sockets, and a flat skull base.

Severe gum disease

The man lived to be about 40 years old. The Daily Mail reports that he suffered from a severe gum infection. Severe periodontal disease led to the fact that he lost almost all his teeth before his death. He also suffered from joint degeneration and arthritis. Since he survived, experts believe that other people helped him.

How is the reconstruction of the face of a Neanderthal living 50 thousand years ago:

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On the new one digital facial imaging according to the Live Science portal, scientists wanted to present what a Neanderthal might have looked like 47,000 to 56,000 years ago, when he probably lived.

For accurate reconstruction, they used existing CT scans of the skull and then inserted its dimensions onto the so-called Frankfurt horizontal (a line from the bottom of the eye socket to the top of the ear) processed on the basis of an example of a human skull from the donor database. Thanks to this, they got the necessary framework to create the shape of the face.

The researchers also reconstructed the form of a woman who lived 45,000 years ago in the territory of today’s Czech Republic. He is nicknamed the Golden Horse:

This is a woman who died a thousand years ago near Prague. Scientists revived the face and marveled

Next, the researchers went on to digitally create the old man’s skin and muscles, using soft tissue thicknesses from living human donors. After that, they just added details like skin or hair color. “We created two images, one more objective without hair and the other more speculative and colorful with beard and hair,” said study co-author Cícero Moraes.

According to him, the pictures show how similar Neanderthals were to modern humans, but at the same time they differed in some more striking features.

A gentler Neanderthal

The face of this Neanderthal was tried by scientists to reconstruct already in the past, until now they used computed tomography. One of the attempts to create the likeness of a man was a drawing by the Czech painter František Kupka from 1909.

Scientists have also managed to create the likeness of a man who was once considered a vampire. Does it terrify you?

A VCU anthropology student creates a digital representation of a Connecticut vampire skull

What did a supposed vampire look like from the 19th century? Scientists have reconstructed the face

Among other things, tomography has provided a new insight into one of the close relatives of modern humans. “The facial features of this Neanderthal have softened compared to previous depictions. Thus, it abandoned its brutal perception, which characterized the idea that anthropologists had about Neanderthals in the past,” said Francesco Galassi, a worker at the University of Lodz, Poland.

He revived the face of Saint Ludmila and the Czech Queen Judith

Brazilian specialist in facial reconstruction Moraes is responsible for several facial reconstructions. For example, he reconstructed the face of a woman nicknamed Golden horse, who lived on the territory of today’s Czech Republic. He also used the computer tomography technique for her image. He and his team also worked on depicting the face of the Czech queen Judith of Thuringia, Saint Ludmila and their sons, or Přemyslovsk princes Spytihněv I. and Vratislav I.

The article is in Czech

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