The biggest problem is drinking water, according to the mayor of Mykolaiv, Ukraine, before winter

The biggest problem is drinking water, according to the mayor of Mykolaiv, Ukraine, before winter
The biggest problem is drinking water, according to the mayor of Mykolaiv, Ukraine, before winter

Half of the buses we used for public transport ended up at the front, and a quarter of the ones that remained were destroyed by Russian forces, Senkevy added.

The 21-year-old politician, who actively defended the city and in its most difficult moments walked its streets with Kalanikov, took part in the international two-day conference Aspen GMF Bucharest Forum 2023 in Romania.

Even though the situation is calmer now than a year ago, when Mykolayiv was surrounded and there was a threat that, like neighboring Kherson, it would fall into the hands of the Russian army, due to sporadic rocket fire, the mayor describes the current situation. So far, 160 civilians were killed in the city, including two children. Vichni pitom belonged to the Russian-speaking population.

Before the wolf, there were half a million inhabitants in the building city. Now there are 400,000 of them, of which 45,000 come from other parts of Ukraine. the bikes, of which there are 125 in the region, are still closed for security reasons, except for the online course. So vt st business could not be restored. The biggest problem in Mykolaiv is the lack of drinking water, which stopped flowing from the taps in April last year, six weeks after the invasion. As it turned out, the Russians mentally damaged the pipeline bringing water to the city from the Dnieper River, 73 kilometers away.

The pipes are located underground, but they also run on the surface, they were two pipes with a diameter of 1.2 meters, and the soldiers destroyed those pipes with explosives. Later, we found unexploded mines in other places near the pipeline, added Senkevy.

There was no water at all there for weeks, because the pipes couldn’t be repaired because of the fighting. People drove to nearby villages, where old wells were found, and trucks from a hundred kilometers away from Odsy began to bring water. There was a lack of drinking water in households, but also in hospitals and, for example, in bakeries and other food factories.

With the shift of the line fronts, it was possible to repair the inside of the pipes, but the water that the dog is drinking today can only be used for washing. It’s muddy, stuffy and so salty. Drinking water also comes to Mykolaiv from nearby wells.

The functionality of the city dates back to the time when Mykolaiv served as an imaginary gateway to Ukraine. And 100 percent of imported and exported goods were raised there. Even when it is not completely sunny, the mayor of Senkevy devotes half of his energy to the restoration of the town. In particular, he received help from the Danish government.

At their instigation, we wrote a list of everything we needed, and they assessed and approved it. We don’t drink on the day of penn gifts. Only concrete things, we have zero tolerance for corruption. Under him, for example, Danish pumps, help my company. Not even a hall in cash goes to them, explains the mayor.

With several foreign cities, his ad concluded agreements on cooperation and assistance. For the first time, thanks to one of the contracts, Norwegian buses traveled to Mykolaiv. According to the estimates of the High Council of Economics in Kyiv, the codes in the city caused by the wolf can be sent to 860 million dollars.

The European Economic Commission of the United Nations Organization, UNECE, launched the UN4Mykolaiv initiative this year, the purpose of which is to support the work of foreign and Ukrainian architects, engineers and other professionals in the reconstruction of the city. A similar pilot project is also in Kharkiv. It will take ten years to build a new Mykolaiv, and the money for its reconstruction will go beyond the current budget.

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