We damaged two Russian amphibious ships, the Ukrainians claim


The Crimean Wind Telegram channel reported that four or five arrivals were recorded in Chornomorsk. One missile was supposed to hit the barracks and the other two speedboats, the type of which was not specified. The attack on Suspilne TV was confirmed by the Ukrainian intelligence agency HUR, which carried it out and published footage of the attack by unmanned boats.

HUR intelligence reported on the attack: “As a result of a night operation on the territory of the temporarily occupied Crimea, the soldiers hit small landing craft. These are fast boats of Project 11770 (Serna class). The ships had crews and loaded armored equipment, specifically BTR-82 transporters.”

According to Ukrainska Pravda, the results of the attack have not been confirmed, but Krymsky Veter reports that divers had to be deployed in the port due to the impact of the boats.

According to the Crimean wind, explosions from Feodosia from the place where the fuel stores are also recorded on Friday night.

Russia has not confirmed any attack, but the Russian Defense Ministry said two drones were shot down over Crimea overnight and a third over the Tula region.

Project 11770 Serna ship

The Russian Navy uses several types of fast landing craft, which have a small draft and usually also have a landing ramp at the front. They are mostly ships with a displacement of around 100 tons and a length of 25 meters, their representatives are Project 1176 Akula and Project 11770 Serna.

Serna-class ships have been in production since 1993 and have been in service since 1994. The Russian Navy has acquired 17 of them so far, with another 16 in production. The crew consists of five sailors. The Serna can transport one tank or two armored personnel carriers or infantry fighting vehicles, or 92 people. The load capacity is 45 tons.

They were used last year during the occupation of Snake Island. It is suitable for operations near the coast but also in estuaries.

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Russian fast landing craft of Project 11770

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