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10/11/2023 11:17 | From networks

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Hans Štembera

Description: Chairman PRO Jindřich Rajchl

“Time is running out for Russia, it doesn’t look like the Ukrainians will prevail. Pavel is talking about negotiations.” That’s the headline from yesterday’s news. No, I really don’t think Agent Pávek would have figured it out on his own. New notes just arrived from the USA.


Is the comparison between Petr Fiala and Miloš Jakeš exaggerated?

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Ukraine is no longer pulling the trigger, the Americans have broken the stick over it, so all flag bearers must be prepared for a gradual shift from the position “We will stay with you until complete victory” to the position “We need to end Ukraine’s suffering and negotiate peace”. When I claimed this a year and a half ago, I was the biggest Russian cockroach and Putin’s agent in the country.

And now it’s obvious that we were right all along. That it was all just a charade for people to enthusiastically applaud the uncontrolled transfer of money into the pockets of arms and energy concerns and, of course, the biggest banking houses, which always make a luxurious profit from war.

We knitted sweaters, heated to 18 degrees, tripled the price of gas, got into debt for ten generations ahead and robbed our pensioners. And the result? Net zero. That is, if I don’t count tens of thousands of dead people, a completely destroyed Ukraine, which will take 50 years to recover from this disaster, and a totally economically exhausted Europe.

Never before in history have Russia and China gained such a huge economic and military advantage over Europe and the US in such a short time. Congratulations comrades, you really did it.

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