Putin’s campaign message: Fall into chaos, Russia is an oasis of calm

Putin’s campaign message: Fall into chaos, Russia is an oasis of calm
Putin’s campaign message: Fall into chaos, Russia is an oasis of calm

The Kremlin hopes that with this approach it will be able to portray Putin as a hunter who is responsible for keeping Russia quiet, an unnamed source from the Kremlin told the Meduza portal.

Whenever the president talks about this issue and criticizes the Fall, we see his popularity rise, the source said. Although this connection cannot be confirmed, Putin was popular with 82 percent of the population according to a Levada survey in June. Since the Russian invasion of Ukraine, his support has remained above 80 percent, before the wolf it was around 60 percent.

Seventy-one-year-old Putin has not yet officially confirmed that he will run for the post of president, but Reuters reported on Monday that there is no doubt about it. The decision has been made that he will run, according to a source familiar with the day in the Kremlin, according to whom Putin feels that he must confront Russia with the most dangerous example in the last decade.

Putin will be able to get a functional equivalent again thanks to the constitutional amendment from 2020, which allows him to remain president until 2036. According to Reuters, he should complete his campaign within a few weeks. I have no doubt that if he ran for office, the sovereign will win. Society is consolidated around the president, Dmitry Peskov told the Kremlin on Thursday.

According to another source, who was interviewed by Meduza, among the Russian state and government officials, in accordance with the narrative of Putin’s campaign, they began to feel sorry for the fallen countries. Among other things, it is a popular dark place in western cities, including in Pai.

Propaganda will push the narrative that the US will collapse because it will have to support not only Ukraine, but now also Israel, a source told the daily, according to whom the pro-Kremlin media will spread the message that despite the sanctions, Russia will always withdraw.

The wolf to Ukraine may remain in the background of the campaign. For him involved in campaigns, we would need a big rush to the front, not a trench wolf, he added.

There is no political plurality in Russia

If he wants to run for the post of president, several representatives of Russian parliamentary parties have announced, according to experts, it is only an attempt by the Kremlin to raise the wall of political pluralism, or there are currently no competitors in the country who could really stand up to Putin.

There is no political plurality in Russia, remember countries like Russia or North Korea, where the situation is similar. There may be differences of opinion within the elites, but in reality it is not a matter of different policies, Russian academic and historian Sergey Medvedv told CNBC.

Of course, Russia has a very opaque system and it can change from day to day. We will witness a long coup led by the old man or the assassination of Putin. But now it looks like if something doesn’t come of it, Putin’s regime may last one year, those years or five years. The coming election will not change anything, he stated.

The diplomats interviewed by the Reuters agency agree with the fact that nobody can threaten Putin now. According to them, the Bval pin of the KGB can be relied on for the support of the central department and the central police, and there is no opposition from the public against his continued rule.

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