REVIEW: CIA versus KGB. The first pionn mystery raises tension again

REVIEW: CIA versus KGB. The first pionn mystery raises tension again
REVIEW: CIA versus KGB. The first pionn mystery raises tension again

And I’ll take the original name of the whole story about the fourth most exciting pion puzzle of the modern era. Robert Baer was a former CIA agent for many years, now working as an analyst and columnist, whose titles include, for example, Seeing No Evil and How to Deal with Evil. He knows the practices of the CIA in detail, and he does not take napkins in a book about the hunt for the Russian mole. The facts show the collusion between the CIA and the second American intelligence service, the FBI, as well as the mutual relations and often unsafe practices of the CIA itself.

They were also met by the women considered to be the best pion hunters, who were commissioned to find out if there was a double agent in the CIA’s den. Baer told how they found sweat during their examination, on the sticks thrown under their feet by their colleagues from the organization. It’s a pretty grim one.

Baer’s book is actually a kind of modern pion textbook, especially when it comes to the CIA and the Russian KGB (the author explains in the text, for the continued use of abbreviations, that the Russian intelligence service was renamed to FBS after the fall of the Soviet Union).

He will also drink at Putin

Betrayals, agents, double and triple agents (by the way: the infamous Slovak pion Karel Kcher will also appear here), a wanted and found informant, secret and official contacts between the Americans and the Russians are mixed into impenetrable laughter. And in Baer’s eyes, the CIA doesn’t get the best out of it at first: when it comes to the tense hunt for the fourth man, it’s also possible that everyone (in the CIA’s mind) fell victim to the cunning tricks of the KGB, the world’s largest intelligence organization, which was just doing it in em is the best: ila misinformation and naruvala.

The KGB mole hunt was led by the CIA

80 %

Robert Baer

256 pages, Grada, 2023

The whole story is, of course, extremely interesting, but the most remarkable is the book’s plot, in which Baer analyzed the problem of the current Russian president, Vladimir Putin, and his rise to power.

Here too, according to Baer, ​​the CIA overslept. His view is best explained by the following, if possible, quote: The mystery of the fourth man is part of a much wider story, in which America has completely missed both the rise of Putin and the rise of the KGB, and how it happened that Putin’s Russia carried out many more political sabotages aimed at the West, which the Soviet Union did not even dream of.

Baer ends his book by stating that America is currently in for quite a surprise. In such a world, pions are dleit and pion hunters are dleitj. It will probably take a long time to pay.

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