Jets of the Russian oligarch fly long. But the city on the Riviera to Kyrgyzstan

Jets of the Russian oligarch fly long. But the city on the Riviera to Kyrgyzstan
Jets of the Russian oligarch fly long. But the city on the Riviera to Kyrgyzstan

A number of Russian billions barely adapt to the sanctions imposed by the West. Although for many of them the range of incoming destinations has noticeably decreased, they have not completely lost contact with the rest of the world. And fifty private jets were whirling back to their homeland from the ice hole. This was reported by the Reuters agency.

Current data shows that there are currently a total of 145 private planes on Russian soil. There were only 97 of them at the beginning of last year. Even though the dog was killed, no more than 400 more jets of Russian billions were imprisoned abroad, and a number of others were sold by their owners after the wolves were unleashed on Ukraine.

Due to the sanctions, the group of oligarchs cannot travel to the countries of the European Union and several other confused economies, where the two regularly flew for business and entertainment. Several dozen private jets worth Russian billions were registered in the EU to go to Ukraine; but it only lasted half a month, and the rout of oligarchs flew back to their homeland with their jets.

Avoid the air of the EU area

In the meantime, oligarch jets were withdrawing from the former Soviet Union, Turkey and the United Arab Emirates. data from the Flightradar24 server show that on the way back to Russia, they strictly avoided European airspace and crossed the country, which Russia maintains.

Oligarch jets flying under the Russian flag can in practice more easily reach countries that have not yet imposed billions of sanctions on Russia. Dubai or your favorite destination in Turkey is among you.

among them is Vladimir Yevtuenkov’s plane, which flew last year bearing the logo of the telecommunications-Devaski conglomerate AFK Sistema. Although Yevtuenkov formally relinquished control over the management of this company, the main action was the creation of the company.

But Yevtuenkov is not the one who decided to wave his jet back under his native Russian flag. Among you is Dmitry Mazepin, who served two years at the head of the Russian fertilizer manufacturer His Bombardier Challenger 650 plane flew back to Russia under the auspices of VEB.RF, the head of the development bank headed by Igor Uvalov, a former high-ranking Russian politician .

In April of the same year, the Czech Republic added Jevtuenka to the sanction list, among others. In practice, this means, even for him, a ban on entry into the Czech Republic, any financial operations through Czech entities, or the freezing of forfeitable assets in the country.

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