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Although the European Union aims for a rapid transition to electric mobility, Brussels is expected to discourage many interested in electric cars in the future. The reason is the new rules that are to come into force at the turn of the year. And electric cars will be significantly more expensive. German experts warn that the damage to the German auto industry would be enormous, says Germanist and former ODS MP Helena Mallotová, citing information from Bild newspaper.


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Helena Mallotová drew attention to the upcoming changes on her Facebook page. “Price hammer for e-cars,” says the headline of today’s BILDU. Brussels intends to introduce new rules from the turn of the year, which will significantly increase the price of e-cars. From 2024, a 10 per cent duty is to be imposed on vehicles imported from the UK or having many parts made in the UK,” it states. There are therefore concerns that manufacturers will add customs duty to prices.

Another EU regulation also stipulates that from 2024 at least 45% of the value of an electric car must be made from parts originating in the EU or Great Britain. The European Union wants to achieve less dependence on Asia, especially when it comes to batteries. Batteries usually make up 40% of the value of electric cars, according to the German daily Bild.


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According to the European Automobile Manufacturers Association (ACEA), the tariff would cause additional costs of up to four billion euros. According to ACEA, production could also suffer: Between 2024 and 2026, European production could decrease by 500,000 vehicles.

The British motoring union SMMT has calculated that European vehicles affected by the duties could become more expensive by around €4,000. German experts warn: The damage to the German auto industry would be enormous.

The hope for the future may be that more batteries will be produced in Europe. BMW recently opened a plant – and these batteries will then be installed in e-cars. However, experts warn that it could also increase the price of e-cars.

Economy Minister Robert Habeck (54, Zelení) is already worried. According to the newspaper FAZ, he wrote to the European Commission to postpone the introduction of tariffs for three years.

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author: Natalia Brozovská

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