Alexandr Mitrofanov: Only the truth is not enough in the fight with Russia

Alexandr Mitrofanov: Only the truth is not enough in the fight with Russia
Alexandr Mitrofanov: Only the truth is not enough in the fight with Russia

The conference was organized by the ÚSTR in cooperation with the Office of the Government, the Lithuanian Embassy in Prague and the Polish Instytut pámky narodowej, and the aim was to point out the roots of Russian imperial complexes and their impact on history, including the invasion of the territory of Ukraine.

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Work load only allowed me to be present and speak at Thursday’s meeting, but even this section was inspiring. I heard colleagues from Hungary, Slovakia and Lithuania who spoke about the situation in their countries, and at the end of the conference, Michael Romantsov spoke about Russia’s expansion in the so-called third world, and I introduced those present to my opinion on Moscow’s goals in Czech society and on the national weaknesses that Russian propaganda exploits.

I don’t think my post was groundbreaking. But I wanted to point out that Moscow does not shoot blindly in our environment for at least three reasons. First, today’s Kremlin analysts have at their disposal the wealth of experience of the former KGB, which rigorously researched in each country where the most sensitive places to target their information warfare strike might be. Secondly, they can use current “moles”, who until recently were present even very high in the structures of the Czech state.

The truth without a chance to be heard

And thirdly, when they influence the least smart, most primitive, intellectually backward and at the same time full of frustration and anger group of the Czech population, it is not difficult to recognize their psychology, which they then abuse to achieve their goals.

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They have their mental relatives at home, whether it concerns the least intellectually disposed stratum, their brain-equally equipped, but more aggressive by nature cousins, or those, in my opinion, the most dangerous individuals, who are called Chchimirs and who, on the contrary, do not lack intelligence.

Only – like two other groups of Russian helpers in the Czech Republic – they are fascinated by Russia’s boundless violence and determination to destroy anyone, including themselves, and from this derive the necessity to make peace with the monster, no matter what the cost.

The debate after our panel was stimulating, but one input from the audience that went in a completely different direction convinced me that the fight never ends. They say that I am calling for us to lie like Russia, and that all you have to do to win over evil is to tell the truth.

Sunflower farming is a nice hobby, but it should not interfere with such serious matters as our civilization’s war for survival. The truth has no chance of being heard with the individuals I have described. Only force applies to them. The problem today is to what extent it should be used so as not to exceed the rules of democracy, not that it should not be used.

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