Putin had strange questions. He was most interested in the ice in Antarctica

Putin had strange questions. He was most interested in the ice in Antarctica
Putin had strange questions. He was most interested in the ice in Antarctica

Russian President Vladimir Putin once again drew attention to himself with his strange behavior. During the meeting with the Minister of the Environment, he was very interested in the age of the ice in Antarctica. He thoroughly confused the minister with his questions.

The recent meeting between Russian President Vladimir Putin and his ministers took an unusual turn. On it, Putin asked about the events in Russia. One topic in particular required a lot of attention.

The subject was Antarctic ice. The Minister of Environment and Natural Resources, Alexander Kozlov, informed Putin about the ice sample obtained by Russian scientists in Antarctica last year. They pulled the sample from a depth of three kilometers.

The age of the ice at this depth fascinated Putin. “If the sample was indeed 1.2 million years old, does that mean the ice was there for 1.2 million years?” Putin asked Kozlov on the recording, which was translated by Anton Herashchenko, an adviser to Ukraine’s interior minister.

Kozlov confirmed to the president that this was indeed the case. Right after that, he tried to shift the conversation to other climate issues. But Putin did not let him. “Isn’t it possible that the ice froze later, closer to our time?” Putin asked.

This time too, the minister answered Putin’s question. “It’s atmospheric ice. According to our scientists, the ice is really as old as I said the first time,” Kozlov repeated. Only then did Putin let him continue the message.

In recent days, Putin drew attention to himself with yet another misstep. During Thursday’s meeting in Kazakhstan, he met his Kazakh counterpart Kasym-Žomart Tokaev. When the two presidents greeted each other, Putin “succeeded” in an embarrassment.

He had misremembered Tokaev’s middle name after his father, Kemelevich. “In 2022, our mutual trade with Kazakhstan will increase by more than ten percent. Kasym-Žomart Kelemović said that we traded for more than 642 billion crowns,” Putin declared confidently.

This is not the first time he has messed up the name of one of his key allies. He made a similar mistake twice in the past. Last June, he called him Kemežan Išemilević and in January 2022 Kemel Žomartović, the Meduza portal pointed out.

“Swap brains!” Putin previously refused to change the constitution, now it suited him:


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