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Dsuplen city: I am afraid of the naked parsonage and the hospital


Pennhurst Hospital: Institutionalized Inhumanity

Controversy still rages today. The grounds of a Pennhurst hospital have now turned into an attraction, as the entire city is the object of paid entertainment. It is not only many who have been hospitalized who bear it as a tabloidization of their fate.

It was opened in 1908, the state came into the public eye, alas, and in the seventies of the twentieth century. He became famous, infamous, because of the conditions in which his residents had to live. He was marked by inhumanity since his arrest, Pennsylvania legislation declared physically and mentally afflicted people not only unworthy of religion, but even a threat to society and potential criminals. They were locked into a state and isolation so that their genes would not mix with the genes of the rest of the population.

An eerie aura was cast over Pennhurst Hospital by his very messenger. It was about segregating idiots and imbeciles, as the head of the school at the time lashed out, citing the teachings and words of eugenics promoter Henry H. Goddard. The hospital shouldn’t have blamed the patients, just kept them out of company.

That’s why the mess was broken up behind the walls of the state. There were no more than ten of its victims, and many thanks to him and the women who entertained him in the institution for eight decades of its existence. They were tormented by violence, both by fellow patients and staff. In the full rooms, not everyone even had their own bed.

The dark history of the dark city. Some areas of Pennhurst Hospital have a scary reputation not because of fictional ghosts, but because of their real history.

Life was not happy in the corridors of the hospital. Not even worthy

For example, when they went to the hospital in 1974, he ordered Hight to visit his son Robert, after two and a half weeks of his hospitalization, he was found drugged, with his face swollen shut, unable to recognize his mother. Twenty-fifty naked or only half-clothed patients walked around the boy. In such conditions, I wouldn’t even leave a dog, said Mr. Hightov at the time.

Bval was the babysitter of little George Sorotos, he was hospitalized at the age of seven, she described that during the seven years, after him, she visited the boy in the hospital, only to find him unharmed. He was usually bitten, scratched, with monocles and bruises, teeth knocked out, once he had cigarette burns on his chest. life behind the walls was hell.

There were many similar and worse cases, evidence of which was brought by the Haldermanov vs. Pennhurst State School and Hospital trial. The court opened the door completely and the public was shocked by the reality. In 1987, the hospital was closed down, male and female patients were able to live in the community in special homes, the process of deinstitutionalization lasted nine years, and its results were proof that somewhere the cruel managers of the Pennhurst Hospital were involved in the war. Free men and women found their dignified existence. The rest, according to many reports and evidence, many tried to resist her and their humanity even during their hospitalization.

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