ekov is expensive. Sr, milk and bread increased by tens of percent

ekov is expensive. Sr, milk and bread increased by tens of percent
ekov is expensive. Sr, milk and bread increased by tens of percent

For example, the price of fruit and vegetables rose by less than ten percent year-on-year, mainly due to the hot and dry summer, which negatively affected the crop. Milk and yogurts are twice as expensive, bread and eggs cost about a third as much, reports the Deutsche Welle news website. Even the popular Sr. Feta, which now costs twelve euros (about 290 crowns) per kilogram, did not escape a sharp decline, and half of it cannot be sold before half a year.

The money I spend at the supermarket on food for those days was enough for a whole week last year. It reminds me a bit of going back to 2010, looking at the parallel with the depth of the financial crisis of the nineteen-year-old mother of three children, Anna Petropoulov.

Shopping is still full of unpleasant surprises for her, and with her husband, she has to analyze the evening of the wedding day after day.

When I go to the supermarket, I feel like I’m poor. When Prime Minister Kyriakos Mitsotakis says that he is doing a good job and that the economy is moving forward, I get angry. He is probably in a completely different country, commenting on the current situation of women. Although the former was able to increase wages, due to inflation, its purchase of steel did not change significantly compared to previous years.

Takes gasoline and oil

The mood does not contribute to the high price of fuel. One liter of gasoline or diesel toti et idi currently costs an average of two euros, which is roughly 48 crowns. He also brought out olive oil, which is essentially a single raw material for them. The average German household consumes 60 liters of olive oil a year, and its prices are now rising almost every week.

Last year, a liter of olive oil in the Czech Republic cost 4.8 euros, but now it is not even double that. Due to the weak crop, prices will probably continue to rise and, according to analysts, olive oil will soon be sold in Czech supermarkets for fifteen euros.

Prime Minister Mitsotakis is worried about food every day, and the direction that the dog has taken is the right one. Czechia is now one of the fastest growing economies in Europe, employment is increasing, inequality in society is decreasing and public finances are improving. For a long time it was not clear that the Czech Republic would be an otter in the Eurozone, but now it is undoubtedly clear that the Czech Republic is closed, he said at the recent meeting of the Board of Governors of the European Central Bank in Athens.

Official data from Eurostat now shows that January inflation in comparison reaches 3.9 percent. The pace of the Czech healthcare system is not the current European average. And a little bit of help to the shops there too, who watch how the losers have often significantly reduced their purchases, and take advantage of the discounts as much as possible.

At least the Czech councils have drawn up a list of 51 basic items and imposed an obligation on large supermarkets to clearly indicate the most affordable ones in their rules. It is mainly about flour, toilet paper, soap, milk or rice, concluded Deutsche Welle.

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