Hezbollah leader praises anti-Israel protests in Western cities


“We see thousands of people in Washington, New York, London and Paris protesting against Israel,” Nasrallah said during a speech in Beirut, Lebanon, according to the Times of Israel website, adding that Western leaders who initially condemned Hamas for the Oct. 7 massacres are now urging to the truce. “The only voice that stands out is the United States and its henchman Britain,” Nasrallah said.

Photo: Aziz Taher, Reuters

Hezbollah supporters during Nasrallah’s speech on Saturday

He also commented on the ongoing summit of leaders of Arab and Islamic countries in Saudi Arabia. Nasrallah said he does not expect these states to send armies against Israel, but at least, according to him, they could take a united stand and put pressure on the US.

He also praised the “brave decision” of Yemen’s Houthis (who, like Hezbollah, are supported by Iran) who sent several missiles and drones at Israel. He also mentioned a series of attacks on US bases in Iraq and Syria. “If you want to end the attacks on this secondary front, you have to end the (Israeli) attack on Gaza,” Nasrallah added.

Photo: Aziz Taher, Reuters

Nasrallah addresses his supporters

Hezbollah has fired a series of rockets into the Jewish state since fighting between Israel and Hamas began in October, but has so far avoided a major attack. Nasrallah has made two major public speeches since then. Hezbollah is a parliamentary party in Lebanon, its military wing is on the terrorist list of the European Union, but not its political wing.

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