Israeli women described how Hamas kidnapped their children. They don’t know anything about them yet


In every conflict, innocent civilians suffer in addition to soldiers. Israeli mothers have now recalled how their children were kidnapped by fighters from the militant group Hamas in an emotional interview with the BBC. They don’t know anything about them yet.

Gunmen from the Palestinian Hamas movement have abducted more than 200 people, including children, to the Gaza Strip.

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Palestinian terrorist organization Hamas According to information from the Israeli army, he is being held captive in The Gaza Strip 242 people, including children and the elderly. Some narrowly escaped being kidnapped.

Renana Jacobová confided her story to the BBC portal, who on deadly attack by Hamas she was not at home on a kibbutz in southern Israel. Her sons did, however. She managed to reach them by phone.

Hamas did not only kidnap children, but also women and pensioners:

Abducted pensioners and children. Stories of people captured by Hamas are becoming public

“The guys told me they heard gunshots outside. I began to calm down that it was the army that was coming to save them,” commented Jacobová. They were not Israeli soldiers, but Hamas gunmen.

One of the sons, twelve-year-old Yagel, had only to tell her on the phone that people had broken into their house. He was also heard pleading with them not to carry him away as he was too young. They took him away anyway. She has not heard from her two sons since.

Gunshots and Arab shouts

Two others also experienced the abduction of their children by Hamas Israeli women, Batshema Yehalomi and Hadas Kalderon. Unlike Jacob, Yehalomi managed to escape with her two daughters. However, her husband was shot and they took her and her twelve-year-old son Eitan to Gaza on motorbikes.

She hasn’t heard from them since either. “We heard gunshots from outside and loud calls of Allah akbar in Arabic. It was very scary,” she told Sky News.

Bring me back to my family, the girl begs. Hamas began releasing videos of the hostages

The last of the three women, the Calderons, Hamas took five family members hostage, including two children aged twelve and sixteen and their father. Her mother and niece were killed in front of her eyes. “I don’t even have time to grieve. I didn’t even go to the funeral because I have to fight for those who are still alive. The main priority must be the release of the hostages we know nothing about. They were kept in tunnels deep underground. They can’t see the sky or the sun and I’m sure they’re scared,” she confided.

Other parents describe the “terrible agony” they experience knowing their loved ones are completely alone in captivity, according to The Associated Press. Abigail Edan was just three years old when Hamas gunmen kidnapped her. “She is all alone, she has no one,” said her aunt Tal Edan.

Hamas showed the injured kidnapped woman in the video:

Source: Youtube

Immediate release and cessation of war

Jacob, Yehalomi and Kalderon teamed up and traveled from Israel to the UK to raise awareness of the issue. Jacobová stated that Hamas is already detaining 32 children and called for theirs immediate release. She suggested that conflict stopped for a while to give the children a chance to get out of Gaza. So far, only five are known hostageswho were freed from Hamas captivity.

The war in the Middle East affected not only Israel and the Gaza Strip, but also countries around the world, as it divided society in them:

Mourning people in Israel after the attack by the Hamas movement. Illustrative photo.

The world loves Jews as victims, not otherwise. Israelis are frustrated by anti-war reactions

Others are also emerging in the public domain cases of captured people from Israel, some of which the terrorists even brag about in published videos or photos. It is also an example of 79-year-old Channah Peri and her son Nadav, whose photo their daughter received. Many people were also abducted from the Supernova music festival or from Kibbutz Be’eri, from which several families were dragged away.

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