Berlin is lying with the last S-Bahn trains that remember the Communists

Berlin is lying with the last S-Bahn trains that remember the Communists
Berlin is lying with the last S-Bahn trains that remember the Communists

The vehicles produced in the German Democratic Republic are the darlings of the Berlin railway, nicknamed the Wheel Tins after their original red interior, and have undergone major modernization in the past thirteen years. Even pesto is now only for the last rides. This was reported by the Bloomberg agency.

Originally, these trains were supposed to be taken out of service in 2017. However, the Berlin public transport often struggled with various technical problems of other vehicles, and therefore extended the operation of the 22 trains from the GDR for several years.

Although the 485 model trains were popular among many German residents, they also had their shortcomings. Nmet technicians often criticized the high cost of the equipment, and their ventilation system often broke down.

Now these trains have definitively lost to the competition of new sets from the companies Stadler and Siemens. Compared to the ad 485 models, they offer high comfort, they are equipped with air conditioning, cameras and a modern information system. It was taken out of service also because it is not possible to install new elements of the security system, which have been in use in Berlin cells for the last few months, in the old train.

The operator of the Berlin S-Bahn is now trying to convert the historic trains of the 485 series. You have alounn seats or luggage carriers for sale. But only the employees of the local transport company can enjoy a piece of transport history; I am the public.

Some pieces should also be sent to the German Technical Museum.

Berlin’s S-Bahn trains now run on 60 lines and are used by a total of 1.4 million people every day. The Berlin-based transport company is currently working on extending the service life of existing vehicles from the 481 series: so far, it has been possible to restore more than a hundred of the five hundred vehicles that were manufactured between 1996 and 2004.

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