“We are against slavery, we want demobilization.” Relatives of Russian soldiers are already rebelling

“We are against slavery, we want demobilization.” Relatives of Russian soldiers are already rebelling
“We are against slavery, we want demobilization.” Relatives of Russian soldiers are already rebelling

Relatives of mobilized Russian soldiers issued an anti-war and democratic manifesto. They demand full demobilization, reject the conscription of civilians and demand respect for the constitution and human rights, including the right to peaceful protest.

Already on November 7, mothers, wives and other relatives of Russian soldiers said they were preparing actions demanding demobilization in 25 regions of Russia, as well as in Crimea. The day before, some of them marched on Teatralnoi plaštadi in Moscow with the slogans “It’s time for the mobilized to return home” and “Justice is demobilization”. The news was reported by the Vesna channel on the Telegram social network.

On Sunday, a manifesto of relatives of the mobilized appeared on the “Way Home” account. The manifesto reads:

We publicly declare that:

We are FOR:

  1. Complete demobilization. Civilians should not participate in hostilities.
  2. Political stability and a dignified life for every citizen of Russia.
  3. Respect for the Constitution and human rights, including the rights of military personnel.
  4. Removal of legal vacuum. Determination of the time limit for service in the case of partial mobilization – no more than one year from the moment of conscription on a legal basis.
  5. Constitutionally guaranteed right to social protest and public assembly.
  6. Social justice and equality in rights and obligations for all, including the mobilized.

We are against:

  1. Legalized slavery. Both mobilized and contract workers should have the right to discharge from military service at the end of the contract or one year from the date of conscription.
  2. Ignoring our problem by the leadership of the country. Silence.
  3. The arbitrariness of the commanders and the repression of our soldiers.
  4. Treating professional soldiers as expendable material. They are primarily people.
  5. Dehumanization. There are no orcs and elves, there is propaganda and hate speech. There is politics and there are ordinary people in the hands of politicians.
  6. Repression against families and friends mobilized for protests.
  7. Forming the opinion that all mobilized are in the combat zone voluntarily and consciously. The basis of their service is conscription, which by its very nature is a coercive act, and failure to appear on summons and unauthorized leaving the unit entails legal and even criminal liability.”

The petition further calls for the immediate withdrawal of those mobilized from the war zone to return home to their families. The authors of the petition write that they do not impose a political choice on anyone regarding the government or the position on the armed conflict in Ukraine, because everyone has the right to decide for themselves. However, they want to support whoever helps bring the man home.

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