Strikes and protests multiply. And Fiala won’t understand… The former left-wing MP slammed the table

Strikes and protests multiply. And Fiala won’t understand… The former left-wing MP slammed the table
Strikes and protests multiply. And Fiala won’t understand… The former left-wing MP slammed the table

Doctor, the last time we spoke was sometime at the beginning of September, now we are about halfway through November. When I asked you how you think the government is doing, you said that if you are very mild, it will be bad. Has something changed in your view?

Yes, it has changed. When it comes to domestic politics, definitely for the worse. And unfortunately not only about her. Czechs continue to get poorer probably the fastest in the EU and our economy is also collapsing the fastest. People are fed up and protests and strikes are on the rise. Unfortunately, this government will probably never understand that you simply cannot cut your throat to prosperity. One would say that they will learn from the mistakes of previous right-wing governments, but they are clearly unable to do so.

Nigeria canceled Prime Minister Fiala’s visit at the last minute. Some call it a diplomatic slap in the face for the Czech Republic. What to say about that?

To be honest, I was surprised by this clumsiness of Czech foreign policy. If I leave out Minister Černochová, who really has nothing to do in her position, we have two cases of diplomatic collapse here in the last few days. At the same time, the government has not made many mistakes in this area. But the fact that they will unilaterally cancel the visit of our Prime Minister to a country like Nigeria is simply a shame. Czech diplomacy should have assumed that with our attitude to the conflict between Israel and the terrorists from Hamas and Hezbollah, we will simply have to forget for some time about friendly exchanges of visits with countries where Islam is strongly represented.

And what to say about the fact that the Saudis canceled the negotiations with Minister Síkela a few days before?

Yes, it is exactly the latter case. While in the case of Nigeria, the average diplomat might still have doubts, in the case of the cold attitude of the Saudis, it is really diplomatic illiteracy.

Attacks against Jews are increasing in the world, including in Western countries. For example, someone vandalized their monument in Rome, it also burned in the Jewish cemetery in Vienna. On some buildings, for example in Germany, the Star of David appeared. In addition, there are demonstrations in support of Palestine. In Germany, calls for the creation of a caliphate were even heard on them. How far can this go and how to counter it?


Is Europe in acute danger of Islamic terrorism?

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To this one can say: “I am surprised that we are surprised”. For eight years, some European countries had their doors wide open for refugees from cultures incompatible with Europe. For eight years, people came here who did not want to accept our values, but only to draw on the wealth left us by our ancestors. And to impose their values ​​and their lifestyle on us. For eight years, no one could say that the condition of acceptance is the acceptance of our values ​​and the abandonment of the original ones, otherwise the door is closed. In fact, I was already appalled at the celebrations of Morocco’s success at the World Cup in European countries. And now the whole thing is logically escalating. It is time we should finally appreciate those of our politicians who refused to accept migrants from Islamic countries. They often faced insults of xenophobia, racism, inhumanity. But they persevered and thanks to that we are still a safe island in the EU. And I hope that this government will now quickly forget the signs of changing this attitude. Countries that made that mistake should take inspiration from Denmark. There, the Social Democrat government took a very tough stance on asylum. It has also long faced accusations of xenophobia, racism and inhumanity. But these accusations are fading, and instead it is starting to become a security inspiration. Australia is also progressing in a similar way. It’s time to tell ourselves that we (meaning the EU) didn’t make it, fundamentally strengthen Frontex and simply close the door to the EU. Then only those who absolutely need it will be accepted, but at the same time they will accept our values ​​and join the society, including working for it. And if not, then unfortunately. There are many countries with their values ​​in the world, and we have no place for them. This tough stance will not only gradually increase security in EU countries, but also stop migration flows. Because as long as there is a chance, the migration business will continue to flourish. I have a friend who is an ordinary forester and he said on this topic: “Ok, we should help the women and small children, but the men immediately return, let them fight for a better world at home”. It is very simplified, but also quite true.

In this context, how to evaluate the migration policy of, for example, Germany, but also France and other Western countries?

In my opinion, they already know very well that they have created huge problems for themselves. But what about it now? As I said, it will be necessary to close the migration spigots first. But these countries will subsequently have to deal with a huge problem that they have already created. They are already talking about it, but so far they are doing almost nothing. And that’s the twelfth time. However, it is still better late than never. And if they do nothing at all and there are more no-go zones in their cities, then we can wait for Nazis from the AfD to come to power in Germany, for example, 80 years after the end of the Second World War. So inspiration Denmark, Australia and fast before it’s too late.

Let’s go back to our prime minister. A video of him shopping in Germany, where the prime minister discovered that food was cheaper, caused a big “response”. How would you comment on that?

We would be hard pressed to find a better example of this government’s complete detachment from the reality of Czech life. Mr. Prime Minister, however much we may have had a number of objections to him, at least until this “event” he acted as a dignified figure. Unfortunately for him, however, he became ridiculous. And that is perhaps the worst thing that can happen to a politician.

Speaking of food prices, we recently learned that the price of electricity will rise again. What can we say about the fact that we have some of the most expensive energy in EU countries?

As I said before, the government is not handling the situation dramatically. Czechs have not experienced such a drop in living standards for a long time. And given that we are alone in the EU in such a bad way, it cannot be blamed on a global problem, but on the incompetence of the government. It must be said objectively that we simply do not have much influence on the price of the natural gas we import. But the price of electricity? After all, we still have overproduction! Is it really necessary to sell all our electricity through the Leipzig stock exchange? It really isn’t! The news I read today: “Fiala in Germany buys cheap Nutella, Scholz in the Czech Republic buys cheap electricity” is unfortunately cruelly true. I would just add “… to sell it to us at a high price”. So why are we still majority owners of the largest electricity producer? The excuses for the rights of minority shareholders are beyond embarrassing.

Recently, there has been talk again about the claims of the Liechtensteins, who, through President Pavel, have given the Czech government a proposal for an out-of-court settlement in the form of establishing a joint fund, which would be managed by their foundation and at the same time by the Czech state. How do you view it all? And is it appropriate to worry about a possible “breaking” of the Beneš decrees, as some warn?

From my point of view, we should just put all these ideas on hold. I really don’t understand Mr. President on this matter. I don’t see a single reason to open this Pandora’s box. This is the only way we will be recording the Nazis from the German AfD (which are great friends of our SPD) to continue escalating their demands for the cancellation of the Beneš decrees. So hands off this topic and a hard stance that this is a red line over which no train goes.

And what to say about a certain “involvement” of President Pavel in this “case”?

As I said. I do not understand at all why the president decided to take on this agenda. Our country now has a number of problems that it can positively influence from its position. And there is no reason to add more to her.

Let’s go back to the recent awards ceremony. How did you like the president’s speech? And were you surprised that even those who have always opposed communists received awards from the hands of a president with a communist past? Like, for example, Marta Kubišová and others?


Did you like President Pavel’s speech on October 28?

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I will not hide in any way that I was not impressed by the President’s speech. I don’t know who prepared it, but there was no statesmanship in it like saffron. However, the speeches of his two predecessors always rather lifted me out of my chair, so actually even the impotent speech is a shift for the better. However, it would certainly be appropriate for the presidential office to hire someone who is far more creative in terms of statesmanship. And when it comes to receiving state honors. My understanding is that in the category of people 55+ who have made it somewhere, we will simply find a lot of people burdened by the communist past. That’s what the joke is about: “Who are you going to vote for?” Communists. Well, me too, but in which party?” If I’m not mistaken, only the KDU has a ban on membership with previous membership in the Communist Party. And it would probably be hard to find someone like that at the Pirates either, because they are 55-. But otherwise they are practically in all parties. It is more about whether such a person behaves like a commie until now, or behaves as if it was a mistake and tries to correct it with his current attitudes and actions. And in my opinion, the president is perceived this way even by former dissidents. Unlike its predecessor.

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author: David Mountain

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