Humanitarian pause in Gaza yes, pm no, to Germany Chancellor Scholz

Humanitarian pause in Gaza yes, pm no, to Germany Chancellor Scholz
Humanitarian pause in Gaza yes, pm no, to Germany Chancellor Scholz

I frankly admit that I don’t think that calls for an instant pm or a long pause that would make you cry at the same time would be fair. Israel would only give Hamsa the opportunity to recover and produce a new missile, Scholz said in a debate with the German regional newspaper Heilbronner Stimme

With his statement, the German chancellor joined other fallen leaders, namely US President Joe Biden and British Prime Minister Rishi Sunak. They also consider a humanitarian pause to be the best way to limit the suffering of Palestinian civilians in Gaza, and at the same time allow Israel to continue its military campaign to defeat the Islamist Hamas in the Gaza Strip.

On the other hand, states united in the League of Arab States, Turkey or the new French President Emmanuel Macron are calling for an end to the fighting, due to the high number of civilian casualties, which according to American estimates are in the press. The Palestinian Ministry of Health, controlled by Hams, reported 11,000 dead Palestinians.

Israel has launched military operations in the Gaza Strip with the aim of eliminating the sites and infrastructure of the Islamist movement Hamas, which the European Union registers as a terrorist organization. Israel is trying to eliminate the risk that Hamas will repeat the course of January 7, when its fighters invaded other Israel, killing 1,200 civilians and taking about 240 others hostage to the Gaza Strip.

According to Saturday’s report, the Israeli army is ready to fight in the Gaza Strip for a year. At the end of the war in Gaza, according to Israeli officials, a new government will take office without Hamsa and without the support of the RNU, which will take a long-term position hostile to Israel.

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