Up for victory with the ball on his foot

Up for victory with the ball on his foot
Up for victory with the ball on his foot

I am a leader and I am leading our candidate to victory, Alexandr Vondra told Iveta Křížová in a big interview in Lidovky. Correctly confident words, but let’s get to the specific points. These are remarkable.

Europe will have to fundamentally and radically change its approach to migration, says Vondra. This is what any Western European politician is saying today, and he will certainly take fundamental steps when the participants of the hundreds of thousands of demonstrations in favor of the idea of ​​the annihilation of Israel return home. But what does Alexandr Vondra propose right now and with what will he go to the elections? I will quote again:

We need to convince other EU states not to be so generous in their various social benefits to migrants from these areas. We need to convince the EU authorities to defend the external border even more actively. We have to say a clear “no” to the various non-government organizations that organize people smuggling and still receive some money from countries like Germany. We have to deal with the smugglers, don’t hesitate to dive, destroy the ships, of course without people. If we know how to seize ships from Russian citizens, all the more we should be able to liquidate ships that are used for people smuggling and subsequent destabilization. If we do not take this seriously, there is a threat of a direct attack on democracy, the influence of extremists in domestic European politics will grow, and it may threaten freedom and democracy from within.

So I’m curious about that. Not so much how Alexander Vondra will be successful in persuading the Germans to stop funding the smuggling business and how he will convince an association called the European Court of Human Rights and how he will convince the European courts to sanction the liquidation of vessels that are obviously in violation of all regulations on the transport of persons on seas. But I am mainly curious to see how the own team, which leads as a leader, will convince them of the strength of this thesis. How to convince Luďek Niedermayer that the procedure should be followed (I quote) rationally when setting other goals. Not hastily and ideologically. So that we are in line with our economic possibilities, so that it does not undermine the competitiveness of Europe, so that it is in line with the social possibilities of society, unquote.

The same Niedermayer at the same time on https://twitter.com/LudekNie/status/1722886700664246293:

Our investments in the energy sector must be directed towards RES and other technologies that will ensure this. Thanks to this, electricity will be as cheap, clean and safe as possible. We will use thousands of billions from the EU for this. As quickly and efficiently as possible.

I have mixed feelings about it. I sympathize with Alexander Vondra. The voter should know that he was really the rapporteur of the EC proposal, which was then really passed in the European Parliament, and thanks to Alexander Vondr, you will still be able to buy a reasonable car for reasonable money in the foreseeable future. And our children, and rather grandchildren, when they turn on their lights and the LED is powered by electricity from a nuclear power plant, perhaps at least one of the tens of thousands will remember Alexander Vondra, that he contributed to the promotion of nuclear energy as an emission-free energy source.

But Vondra will go against Babiš, regardless of the fact that Babiš is not a candidate. He will go against Babiš, who as prime minister approved the Green Deal and now hypocritically rages against him. He will compete with him for the same voters. With a ball on his foot.

It doesn’t make much sense to me. Just so Machiavellian: that with such a clear statement of the program, he wants to disgust Niedermayer so much that he will defect to STAN to Neruda, that immaculate European, mission-free, inclusive, Istanbul gender saint, who would certainly rather be burned than allow the requisition of ships used to commit crimes activities.

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