Hammond (again) crashed. It was carried away by the historical Czech formula

Hammond (again) crashed. It was carried away by the historical Czech formula
Hammond (again) crashed. It was carried away by the historical Czech formula

You know that Jeremy Clarkson, James May and Richard Hammond are filming a new episode of The Grand Tour in Central Europe. But not everything goes according to plan.

The team in Poland had unpleasant problems. Although … Richard Hammond was more in trouble, breaking down again. The accident occurred on the circuit in Poznań, where the trio could try out three historical formulas originating from Czechoslovakia. It was supposed to be Metalex machines.

The cars were imported to Poland by a well-known collector of Czech-made sports cars. And it was in one of them that Richard broke in. “I worked as a mechanic for Hammond all day, everyone was very nice, but Richard started to leak oil from the formula and before he noticed it, he stuck his engine and crashed around the corner. Fortunately, nothing happened to him, but the formula is a bit messy, “a collector who did not want to be named told CNN Prima News.

He allegedly did not make a heavy head for the damage. “It simply came to our notice then. When we came here, the formula could have the value X, now it is damaged, but due to the fact that Richard Hammond crashed in it, its price is higher than before the accident, “he added.

For the sake of completeness, we remind you that according to the available information from social networks, in addition to Poland, the staff also moved in the Czech Republic and Slovakia, and that at least Hungary should be planned.

In Slovakia, Jeremy Clarkson enjoyed driving a Škoda 1100 OHC from 1957. In addition to boasting that he fit into a small roadster, he also paid homage to the racing machine when he added a clear comment to one photo: “Skoda: absolutely fantastic.” The car comes from the Škoda Museum.

And we already know which “main” cars the English chose for the new episode. Richard was seen in a yellow SSR Chevrolet, Jeremy in a bizarre car named Mitsuoka Le-Seyde (plus some candlesticks on the front fenders) and James in a strange purple hot rod.

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