It happened upstairs. You have to move on, the dentist describes the death on Everest. She also conquered the South Pole


“I’m always afraid that it will be terrible, but usually it’s nicer and easier,” says dentist Eva Perglerová, who is the third Czech woman to climb Mount Everest, but also the highest mountain in Antarctica, about her expeditions. According to her, the low temperatures at the South Pole cannot be compared with the highest mountain in the world. In the interview, he also describes how climbers perform personal hygiene in temperatures as low as minus 44 degrees Celsius.

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Being a doctor came in handy on the expeditions. I do a bit of general medicine there, so sometimes I stitch someone up when needed. I have such a big first aid kit that I carry everywhere,” describes dentist Eva Perglerová, which advantage her profession brings to her on trips to the world’s highest peaks. Fearing frostbite, she even learned to drill with her left hand. “I thought that I would she learned, but it’s going terribly wrong,” laughs the climber.

Whether it is the South Pole or climbing the highest mountain in the world, according to the mountaineer, physical preparation is key. He is said to run about 80 kilometers every week, swim and ride an exercise bike with a mask that simulates a higher altitude. It is also said that thanks to this, Perglerová acclimatizes very well in the higher thousands of meters.

“Above eight thousand meters you have a death zone. On Mount Everest, I practically didn’t need oxygen up to that height, but of course it eases both physical exertion and improves blood circulation in the limbs, and then there are not so many frostbites,” explains the traveler.

In the interview, Perglerová also recalls the moment when one of the members of her expedition to Mount Everest lost his life. “But you have to go on. It happened at the top and you have to go down,” the climber recalls, adding that it is always important to listen to your intuition, assess the danger and take a step back in time.

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