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Tobacco-free by 2040! Brussels will educate you. Hard taxation



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The European Commission has been talking about a plan to eradicate cigarettes in Europe and educate Europeans towards a “tobacco-free generation” for several years, and its plans assume that in 2040 less than 5 percent of people will already light a cigarette.

“We want to tighten existing tobacco regulation and increase the tax on tobacco products,” he announced according to the server vice-president of the European Commission Margaritis Schinas the way to the implementation of the plan in 2021. It is high taxation that is supposed to educate Europeans not to “light up” anymore, and expensive cigarettes are supposed to be the way to eliminate this bad habit from the younger generation.

These plans, which were announced in European plan to fight cancerwhich aims for the “tobacco-free generation” to reject cigarettes and other tobacco products to such an extent that less than 5% of the EU population will use tobacco by 2040.

According to commission spokesman Stefan De Keersmaecker, the recommendation, which will contain more precise information on how the EU intends to achieve this goal, has already been extensively developed, and according to him, the preparatory work for the revision of the previously announced recommendation has “advanced considerably”. Server reportsthat Keersmaecker also confirmed that the newer version will continue to strive to raise a tobacco-free generation as early as 2040.

“Currently, the proposal needs further work and evidence gathering to ultimately help Member States best protect public health from the risks of tobacco and new products,” he added.

Health Commissioner Stella Kyriakides on Wednesday at the Commission event on the European Plan to Fight Cancer, she also reiterated that work is underway to finalize the proposal. “We are determined to submit it as soon as possible. I want to be absolutely clear,” she said.

In the meantime, however, pressure is growing in Brussels for the commission to complete the review, which is supposed to contribute to the introduction of a “smoke-free environment” in the EU, as soon as possible.

A group consisting of the European Respiratory Society, the European Society for Medical Oncology, the European Leagues Against Cancer and the European Alliance for Public Health, in a statement sent to Euractiv said she was “appalled” that the European Commission had not yet published recommendations on a “smoke-free environment”.

Moreover, this is not the only measure of the commission related to tobacco that has been postponed, the plan through which Brussels would like to achieve significant taxation of tobacco is also delayed. The revision of the directive on tobacco taxation should be completed in 2025, although initially the commission she thoughtthat progress in this direction will gain more momentum.

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author: Radek Kotas


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