German counterintelligence is monitoring ex-chief Maassen for right-wing extremism

German counterintelligence is monitoring ex-chief Maassen for right-wing extremism
German counterintelligence is monitoring ex-chief Maassen for right-wing extremism

Maassen is known as a controversial uprising in Germany, among other things because of its anti-immigrant and racially tinged years. In 2018, he had to resign from the BfV due to the trivialization of violence by the extreme right, and in January he confirmed that the ultra-conservative association WerteUnion (Union of Values), which he leads, wants to turn into a political party.

In the meantime, Maasen found himself in the search of the army, which led the two and around him is, among other things, to protect Germany first from extremist threats. to Edenko, who became a politician, the BfV itself confirmed this in writing in August, which Maassen announced this week on social media X.

January 31, 2024 at 4:54 p.m. pspvek archived: November 1, 2024 at 11:25 a.m.

The following statement from the BfV does not contain the documents that were collected, which he corrected, Maassen wrote on X. Germany’s Minister of the Interior, Social Democrat (SPD) Nancy Faeserov, then accused the tax of abusing the Federal Order for the Protection of States to fight against political opponents.

If a hunter in Germany believes that he is wanted by the intelligence service, he should contact it with the question of whether this institution stores his personal data, the DPA agency explains.

The party leaders accused the Kesansko-Demokratik Union (CDU) of their fellow party of using the vocabulary of racists and conspiracy theorists and of the skin of the party.

Criticism was provoked, for example, by Maassen’s comments that the driving force in the political-media space promotes liquid racism vi blochm. In one interview, he spoke of the red-green racial doctrine. Even before the Russian invasion of Ukraine, Maassen demanded that Berlin have better relations with Moscow. In 2021, he was a candidate for the Federal Assembly.

Counterintelligence confirmed in a letter that Maassen published and which is addressed to his firstborn, that it is following, among other things, some of Maassen’s comments on migrant policy. She was thus interested in Maassen’s publication, declaring the actions against the extremists of the so-called Czech defense movements, including the supposed leader of the group, Prince Heinrich XIII, to be unconscionable. Reuss, who were married in 2022.

Maassen resigned from the CDU a few days ago and in a letter to party chairman Friedrich Merz dated January 25 accused the union of betraying classical values. According to him, the CDU is a variant of the socialist parties, and not an alternative to them.

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