A student exchange program with a tied hostage. The Israelis are uncompromisingly tightening their grip on the UN agency


The creators also allude to the fact that funds sent to help the needy can end up in the hands of terrorists.

“I’m an UNRWA employee, of course I make sure that all humanitarian aid goes to those who really need it,” another actor assures the audience as he smiles at a masked gunman carrying one of the unloaded sacks. “That was an eighty-eight-year-old pregnant woman. God bless her,” he explains to viewers.

Another video shows the peculiar school teaching in the Gaza Strip, which, according to critics, even in schools subsidized by UNRWA, can be mixed with hateful indoctrination against Israel.

“I teach history, biology and English,” says another actor, who successively lays out three copies of Nazi leader Adolf Hitler’s infamous Mein Kampf (My Struggle) on the classroom table. However, the last of the books is in English translation.

The world is turning its back on Palestine after the UN staff-terrorist scandal

“I’m an UNRWA worker, so of course I took time off on October 7. It’s a national holiday,” reports another UN agency official wearing a blue helmet and vest. On his mobile phone, he then shows authentic footage of gunmen driving in a car, focusing on a figure running behind them. “That’s me,” he adds proudly.

UNRWA has already dismissed nine of the twelve employees accused of involvement in last year’s terrorist attack, the tenth is dead and the remaining two are being identified.

“This is the UN, don’t try to understand it”

The next part of the satirical sketch again goes to the school environment. “I’m a UNRWA teacher, so of course I’m involved in student exchange programs,” says the actor as he opens a metal door behind which sits a handcuffed girl. “He’s from Israel,” adds the smiling man by way of explanation.

Finally, the video also targets the highest representative of the UN. “I am Secretary General (António) Guterres. I am horrified by the findings about UNRWA, so of course I think we should double its funding. This is the UN, don’t try to understand it,” the official claims in the sketch.

According to Israel, the terrorists were also among the teachers

In recent days, Israel presented the United States with evidence of 12 UNRWA workers directly involved in the October 7 attack by Hamas, when the terrorists murdered over 1,200 Israelis, mostly civilians, and kidnapped more than 260 others. Over 130 of them are still in captivity in the Gaza Strip.

The New York Times, which had access to the file, said that Israeli intelligence officers were able to track the movements of six UN staff in the Jewish state on October 7 based on their phones. The other three were tracked down through phone calls inside Gaza, during which the Israelis said they discussed their involvement in the Hamas attack.

The remaining operatives were said to have received text messages from Hamas command ordering them to report to the terrorists’ compound on October 7. According to the file, one of them was supposed to bring rocket-propelled grenades stored in his house.

The Israelis identified ten of these employees as members of the terrorist movement Hamas. Another was said to be linked to Palestinian Islamic Jihad, another terrorist group operating in the Gaza Strip.

Seven of the accused were also said to be teachers in UNRWA schools, where they taught students, for example, mathematics and Arabic. Two others worked in schools in other capacities. The remaining three were described as a clerk, a social worker and a warehouse manager.

Israel presented evidence that UN staff were involved in the rampage of Hamas

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