Kobza (SPD): A new war between the North and the South?


The US Supreme Court sided with the president and the federal border guards by the narrowest margin of votes. The Biden administration wants federal border guards to be able to remove the razor wire barrier that the state of Texas installed against migrants on a fifty-mile stretch of the border last year. But the Texas National Guard prevented them from removing the obstacle. In October, Texas sued federal border guards for destroying the barrier, and a lower court issued a preliminary injunction against them. The Biden administration defended itself at the highest court. Then this week, the U.S. Supreme Court suspended the ban, with five members siding with the Biden administration while four dissented. A spokesman for Texas Republican Gov. Greg Abbott said the governor would continue to fight for his state’s “constitutional authority” to secure the border.

It is piquant how, in this context, the correspondent of CT in the USA, Bohumil Vostal, almost shed crocodile tears when he reported the truly revealing news that razor wire causes injuries to illegal migrants. We don’t have to be experts in geopolitics to figure out that this is the reason why they are installing it there.

The Fox News website mentioned that, for example, more than 320,000 migrants tried to cross the southern border in December alone. He added that it was the highest figure ever achieved in a single month. For the entire fiscal year 2023, 2.5 million people attempted to cross the US-Mexico border, up from 2.2 million a year earlier. Last year, for the first time, more than half of these migrants were citizens of countries other than Mexico.

The American dispute over the form of border security also has a global impact. Republicans in Congress are blocking military supplies to Ukraine because of this. And all this before the upcoming presidential elections in the USA. Donald Trump has already made it clear where his policy will lead: to eliminate the irreversible prospect of a global war and to calm the situation not only in Ukraine. On the other hand, Biden urgently needs to shine in front of the Americans with the distinction of a “hero” from Donbass.

They are two completely disjointed conceptions, of which Biden’s is pleasantly reminiscent of 2003, when Bush Jr. sacrificed Iraq for his presidency. In addition, Trump repeatedly states during his campaign in the ongoing primary elections that the Texas governor has his full support in the matter of border security and that if he sits in the White House, the policies of the state of Texas and the federal government will be in line on this point.


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At the same time, even a quarter of a year ago, in October 2023, Biden defended the construction of a wall between the US and Mexico, allegedly because money had already been allocated for it, which could not be spent otherwise. It’s a tragicomic rationale, but the end justifies the means. Today, everything is different in the White House.

Certainly, another historical parallel will come to mind for many observers. After the end of the Second American Revolutionary War, a chain of coastal fortifications was built on the American Atlantic coast. In 1811, the construction of Fort Sumter began, which was supposed to guard the entrance to Charleston Bay, a kind of gateway to the preserve of the future Confederacy. On December 26, 1860, six days after South Carolina seceded from the Union, a Federal garrison under the command of Major Robert Anderson occupied the fort.

Ownership of the Charleston fortifications was a matter of dispute between the South Carolina and US governments. When Abraham Lincoln decided to reinforce the fort’s garrison in March 1861, Confederate troops surrounded the fort. Major Anderson refused to surrender the fort, and so on April 12, 1861, at 4:30 in the morning, the first shots of the American Civil War were fired.

Without ignoring all the other contexts of the dispute between the Union and the Confederacy, the attack on Fort Sumter was an undisguised aggression of the central power against the efforts of the regional power to defend itself. The situation that is now taking place around the wall and fence on the border with Mexico, which are supposed to protect the safety of the citizens of Texas for a change, raises the question: Who will be the first to shoot at the imaginary Fort Sumter again?

Will Biden, in his blindness, go so far as to risk, in the name of a kind of post-partisan progressivism (that is, votes from his supporters), the genocide of those Americans who, unlike him, face a real trigger and act in self-defense? And how will voters react to it in the presidential election? Because their outcome will also determine future security developments in our region. Maybe people like Černochová and Řehka will stop shaking their guns and looking forward to nuclear war.

But apparently the USA, and with it the Czech Republic, really is a country of unlimited possibilities, and that, unfortunately, in all possible meanings of those words.

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