Agriculture needs deep change, Macron said after protests in Brussels

Agriculture needs deep change, Macron said after protests in Brussels
Agriculture needs deep change, Macron said after protests in Brussels

The farmers tried to attract the attention of the leading representatives who arrived in Brussels for the summit of the European Council, and they succeeded. Security in the city was sought by the citizens who, behind the erected weapons, saw parked tractors in the city a few blocks from the building of the European Parliament.

The problems facing farmers at the time became the theme of the first and fourth EU summits. After it ended, the Belgian Prime Minister Alexandre De Croo together with the Dutch Prime Minister Mark Rutte and the head of the European Commission Ursula von der Leyen even met with representatives of the organizations protesting in the Belgian capital. It was not clear what the outcome of these meetings was.

According to the French President Macron, in his country the farms protest, the European Union needs a joint mechanism, just to ensure fair prices that the big food companies have to pay to the producers, i.e. the farmers.

Press protester in tractors

According to a police statement quoted by the AFP agency, a tractor press and other agricultural machinery were found on Thursday in the streets of Brussels, especially around the Luxembourg square. For some delegations, it was difficult to get to a single European Council. The tractors were also parked in front of the Stlho building, represented by the R pi EU, which sat near the European Parliament.

Vtina farms are young Belgians from the south of the country, from the regions of Seneffe and Tournai, but among the farmers there are also their colleagues from abroad, for example from Italy, wrote The Brussels Times. The farmers hope that the representatives of the EU countries will send their request for regulation and strict control of imports, which, according to the farmers, worsens their livelihood.

When you see how many people we are here with today, and when you see that it is all over Europe, then you have to have more. We must hope that these people see that agriculture is necessary. You know, it’s food, said Kevin Bertens, a farmer from the area near Brussels, to the Reuters news agency. Protests are taking place all week in Romania, Poland and Germany.

Protests across Europe

Hundreds of farmers in Portugal also joined the protests on Thursday. In the morning, two roads were blocked in both directions near the border crossings with the Panglao towns of Vilar Formoso in the north and Elvas in the south, police said. She added that there are blockades in the towns of Chamusca and Golega.

The fourth protest in Portugal was started by a call from the previous day of the Oban Farmers’ Movement in Portugal, which declares itself to be a spontaneous and non-partisan initiative.

In order to appeal to the farmers and prevent their protests, the government announced in the center a support package totaling 500 million euros (about 12 billion crowns), which is supposed to help them cope with the consequences of the drought, which affects them in particular in the south. These measures include the dream of taxed diesel power.

In France, where farmers have been protesting for several weeks, the government waived the payment for a gradually increasing subsidy for agricultural diesel and promised to give support. Farmi insists that this will not happen.

Protests spread across Europe before the European elections in April, in which the far right, for which the farmers represent a growing constituency, especially if it achieves a profit, according to Reuters.

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