Five minutes and done. The people of Europe broke Orbna, the agreement to help Ukraine was negotiated in the first circle

Five minutes and done. The people of Europe broke Orbna, the agreement to help Ukraine was negotiated in the first circle
Five minutes and done. The people of Europe broke Orbna, the agreement to help Ukraine was negotiated in the first circle

Mbut they expected a long meeting of European leaders to convince Viktor Orbán to stop blocking pensions for Ukraine. In the end, the EU summit only lasted five minutes. The song was worth so much that the twenty-seven f hundredths and the government approved the agreement, which had been previously agreed upon by a group of leaders. This led to Viktor Orbán withdrawing his veto of aid to Ukraine.

The Ukrainian government will provide the company with regular quarterly payments over the next five years from the European budget. It is about 50 billion euros, i.e. roughly 1.2 trillion crowns, which Kyiv needs for the operation of the city – salaries of staff, teachers and paid pensions. Volodymyr Zelensky’s government should receive the first pension in the run-up.

Orbn refused to agree to help for a long time. He claimed that Ukraine has a share, and it makes no sense to keep it alive financially. The first attempt to reach an agreement between the 27 percent on grants and loans for Ukraine last year, just before Christmas, was blocked by Orbán.

The Maarsk delegation put various demands on the table that would force the EU to change its approach. But the rest of the country did not agree with it. Going this way, the day before the second attempt to break Orbna’s resistance, the situation seemed blocked. “We haven’t made any progress since last night, the frustration among the twenty leaders is huge,” commented a high-ranking EU representative without mentioning the mood among politicians.

Pesto was different on Thursday. At 11:21, the chairman of the European Council, i.e. the EU summit, Charles Michel announced that the meeting had started. And at 11:26 the twenty-seventh reached an agreement with the help of Ukraine.

The breakthrough occurred during the informal debate of the group of leaders in the middle of the evening on the side of the memorial of the recently deceased Jacques Delors and on Thursday morning immediately before the summit.

The members of the party changed, but the key role was played by the magical Emmanuel Macron, Olaf Scholz, Giorgia Meloniov and the representatives of the joint institutions. In the first of their debates with Orbne, he took “m”, which asked him to withdraw the veto of the budget and help Ukraine could pass.

Of the Eastern European policies, only the Lithuanian president Gitanas Nausda and the Polish government Donald Tusk were represented. Prime Minister Petr Fiala (ODS) flew to Brussels on Thursday morning and was not a part of this meeting.

“The process of finding a match had some difficulties and the daily result is not the result of the two today. I took part in all the meetings,” Fiala responded to the question, because he did not take part in the separate attempt to reach an agreement with Orbne.

So what did the song Orbn “get”? At the working level before the summit, Hungary allowed the pensions lost to the Ukrainians to be unanimously approved – Orbn would thus keep the pensions under threat of a veto. It didn’t work.

But the Maarsk prime minister was satisfied with the possibility of complicating the European pension for Ukraine. In the summarized document from the summit, it is stated that the EU will lead a debate on aid to Ukraine every year – when the majority of people will agree to in connection with the new EU budget,” the document continues. The labor team gains a veto, because each review of the budget requires unanimity.

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Ukrainian patience in Uhorod or Pro Fico must not be lost ppad like Orbn

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At the summit, diplomats and insiders differed in their interpretation of whether it was Orbna’s pork, or whether he just gained more than one sentence.

Key to the answer, especially in the kind of minor change that Orbn pushed through. In the minutes from the summit, people refer to their two agreements that the fall-out of the pension scheme from the EU budget will be “objective, impartial and based on facts”.

The EU now withholds a huge amount from the Hungarian government, about 20 billion euros from various funds because of the comparative principle of the first state. Orbna’s government needs these pensions for a long time, and judging by the state of the Hungarian judiciary or the police, the EU is not impartial and damages the country.

“It’s about pensions. Orbn can now get to the reserved funds more easily,” Katalin Halmaiov in Brussels. This view has been shared by many people. “From the beginning it wasn’t about anything else, not about how much money Orbn could get back,” one of them said off the record.

Sm according to St. He announced it as his relationship – so that Hungary would not have to rely on Ukraine’s help. But that’s not true. Maasrk will have to pay part of the package for Kyiv.

“Let’s not look behind the scenes for agreements. Viktor Orbán gave priority to common roads, and that is due,” added the Prime Minister. “I am not allowed to be nice, each of us realizes that,” added Fiala.

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