The British MP preferred to give up his candidacy. The Islamists are threatening him with death


“There will come a moment when the threat to your personal safety becomes too great,” The Guardian quoted the British MP as saying that he did not want to endanger his family either.

Freer has faced a series of death threats in the past, which he says are related to his pro-Israel views. At the same time, the Islamic group Muslims Against Crusades was to blame for several of them, which in one case threatened a member of parliament that its member would “come to stab him”.

Freer previously told The Daily Mail that he had faced at least 13 dangerous threats since his election in 2010.

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“They left Molotov cocktails on my doorstep and messages on my car,” Freer described one of the incidents. “In addition to the usual vandalism. Some incidents were really dangerous,” he added.

In December of last year, two criminals also set fire to his office in north London, which he says was the last straw, because of which he decided not to run again in his constituency. In January, two people, 42-year-old Paul Harwood and 32-year-old Zara Kasory, were convicted of the attack, which another report in The Guardian said took place on Christmas Day.


Attack on British MP’s office

He narrowly escaped death

On 15 October 2021, another MP for the London constituency of Southend West, David Amess, was murdered by an Islamic State sympathizer, Ali Harbi Ali. However, the killer was originally after Freer and his office in Finchley. However, he was not there on the day of the murder due to a change in plans.

When Freer learned last year that Ali intended to attack him, he and his team decided that everyone would wear special anti-stab vests when attending planned public events.

“I was very lucky that on the day I was supposed to be in Finchley, I happened to change my plans and was on Whitehall Street (in the London Borough of Westminster),” the British MP said.

“Who knows if I wouldn’t have been attacked too, or if I would have survived the attack. (The offender) said he had come to Finchley to attack me,” he added.

Freer represents the constituency with the highest proportion of Jewish voters. He himself is a long-time supporter of Israel and has long supported a two-state solution for the existence of Israel and Palestine side by side.

“I was a supporter of Israel and the two-state solution long before I became involved in the Finchley and Golders Green constituency. This decision was based on my personal convictions, not just the constituency,” he previously told The Daily Mail.

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