Thanks to Ecuador, Russian weapons will go to Ukraine. The Russians talk about coercion


Russian diplomacy on Friday criticized Ecuador’s decision to transfer Russian-made weapons to the United States in exchange for American weapons, with Russian weapons from Ecuador destined for Ukraine, which has been facing Russian aggression for almost two years. A spokeswoman for the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Moscow called Ecuador’s move “hasty” and made “under duress.”

“Such a hasty decision was taken by the Ecuadorian side under strong pressure from outside stakeholders,” Marija Zakharova said, according to Russian news agencies.

Ecuador’s government said last month it would accept Washington’s offer to exchange what it described as “Ukrainian and Russian scrap” for advanced US equipment worth $200 million, according to Reuters.

The United States intends to send weapons it acquires from Ecuador to Ukraine to help strengthen it on the battlefield.

Spokeswoman Zakharova said that in the contract with Russia, Ecuador undertook not to sell Russian weapons to a third party without Moscow’s consent. The Ecuadorian side has admitted that the Russians have discouraged it from making the exchange, but believes it has the right to make it.

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