Tragedy at the border: The court deals with the rape and murder of a ten-year-old girl


The extremely sad case of the rape and murder of a small child, which happened last April just a few kilometers from the Czech border, began to be resolved by the regional court in Hof with the attention of the whole of Bavaria. Garbage collector Daniel T. (26) stood in front of him, who in the children’s home of St. Josefa raped little Lena Z in Wunsiedel.

Defendant’s defense attorney discusses with his client.

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A ten-year-old girl was found dead in the morning, but the police investigation showed that the murderer was not Daniel T., but only an 11-year-old boy, another resident of the home. He strangled the girl after the departure of Daniel T. However, the boy is not criminally responsible due to his age, he will not be tried in court. The DPA agency or the Passauer Neue Presse and Bild newspapers reported on the case.

Daniel T., who was brought into the courtroom in handcuffs, in a prison uniform and with a shaved head, is not capable of testifying, according to his defense attorney Maximilian Siller. He therefore read his statement. The defendant stared at the floor during the reading of the statement and only looked up when someone spoke to him.

In a statement read, Daniel T. said he had financial problems at the time and therefore committed several burglaries in the region. On the night of April 4, he broke into the children’s home, getting in through an open window. The 26-year-old man said that since he had lived there for a long time before, he knew how to find his way around the building. According to the indictment, he was placed there once as a child and later as a teenager. He wanted to steal electrical appliances and also remembered that there might be a safe in the office.

Condition? No coincidence, said the court, sending the sexual predator behind bars

Inside, he met an inmate of the home who was only 11 years old and started a conversation with him with sexual content. He was supposed to show the boy how to masturbate. Later, the boy brought a ten-year-old girl and pushed her on the bed in the room. According to his statement, Daniel T. then raped the girl and then ran away from the house. The German stated that he never wanted the girl dead and never asked the boy to kill her. He deeply regrets his actions.

Media reports speculated that the defendant may have threatened the boy and asked him to kill the girl.

Prosecutors and police believe the now 12-year-old strangled the girl later that night during an argument. The boy gave police conflicting information, his lawyer Michael Hasslacher said on the sidelines of the trial. The boy, like the girl’s parents, is a co-plaintiff in the proceedings. He is considered aggrieved because the defendant was supposed to masturbate in front of him and thus is also a victim. After the incident, the boy was taken into custody by the authorities.

Let’s deal with HHC urgently, pleads the headmistress of the school from which three pupils were taken by ambulance

Although the girl’s death is not part of the indictment, the 26-year-old man could still be sentenced for his possible involvement in the child’s death. The public is therefore impatiently awaiting the testimony of a key witness. The boy is scheduled to testify on February 6, probably in private.

In addition to rape, 26-year-old Daniel T. is also accused of five burglaries from May 2022 to April 2023. Among other things, he stole construction machinery and tools worth around 16,000 euros. In one case, he was also supposed to start a fire to cover his tracks. In court, the defendant admitted to burglary, but denied arson. A total of eight business days are planned until the beginning of March.

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