Were there prisoners on the plane? So hand over the bodies, Kyiv demands. The Kremlin makes a dead bug


“As for the information about the dead, Ukraine has asked and is still asking for the extradition of the bodies. But the Russian side has not yet agreed to it,” Jus’ website Ukrainska Pravda quoted Jus as saying.

“Our country demands an impartial international investigation not only to investigate the circumstances of the crash of the Il-76 plane, but also to find out what was actually inside. Whether there were people or ammunition, who was there besides the crew,” Yusov added, adding that Russia was making an independent international investigation impossible.

The Kremlin responded to his words only very briefly. “The administration has not received any request,” RIA Novosti quoted Dmitry Peskov, spokesman for Russian President Vladimir Putin, as saying.

Russia claims to have identified 65 bodies of Ukrainian soldiers from Ilyushin

Russia blames Ukraine for shooting down the Il-76 plane over Russia’s Belgorod region using the American Patriot missile system. According to Moscow, 65 Ukrainian prisoners of war intended for exchange and nine Russians from among the crew and military police perished in the wreckage.

Kyiv has not yet confirmed or denied that it shot down the plane. He also points out that it is not yet possible to confirm what or who was on board the destroyed plane.

Ukraine and Russia exchanged prisoners. For the first time since the plane crash near Belgorod

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