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The Minister of Health, Izabela Leszczynová, said on Radio Zet on Thursday that “if the pregnancy threatens the health and life of the patient, the doctor has no right to refuse an abortion under the condition of conscience, because the law does not allow it in any case.”

She also added that it is “necessary to improve health security so that tragedies such as the refusal of legal abortions occurred in Poland in the recent past never happen again.” And she recalled cases of refused abortions and the subsequent death of patients.

A pregnant woman in Poland collapsed after the diagnosis. The hospital refused a legal abortion

Due to them, there have been changes in state and private healthcare facilities that had a contract with the National Health Fund (NFZ, state health insurance company), the Ministry of Health will specify the terms of the contract, the minister said.

“It is not possible for a medical facility that wants to have a contract with the NFZ and receive funding from it to perform only some procedures in the field of gynecology and obstetrics and not, for example, legal abortions that save the health and lives of women,” the minister emphasized on Radio Zet.

Poles were outraged by the death of a pregnant woman in hospital. He blames her on “mindless law”

Only a hundred legal abortions a year

According to official statistics, in Poland, which has a population of around 37 million, of whom around 10 million are women of reproductive age, around 100 abortions were performed legally each year.

According to various sources (e.g. the Federation for Helping Women and Family Planning), 150,000 to 200,000 pregnant Polish women undergo illegal abortions in the country and abroad every year.

Polish doctors, as well as hospital management, avoid abortions because of the unequivocal position of the Catholic Church, which prohibits abortions.

The interruptions contributed to the victory of the Polish opposition in the elections. But they are not in the coalition agreement


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