India suspected the pigeon to be a Chinese spy. She fired him after an investigation


India has released a pigeon it held captive for eight months on suspicion of being a Chinese spy. The bird, which was caught near Mumbai in May, had rings on its legs with Chinese-like writing, which raised concerns. In the end, it turned out to be a racing pigeon from Taiwan that escaped and made its way to India, the AP agency reported today.

“Police were investigating the pigeon on suspicion of espionage, but the case has now been closed,” The Times of India reported, adding that the bird had been kept at a veterinary clinic in Mumbai all along. He was released into the wild on January 30.

This is not the first time that the pigeon has raised the suspicion of the Indian police. In 2020, police officers in the Indian part of Kashmir released a pigeon that they had previously caught flying across the heavily guarded border with Pakistan. The police investigation concluded that the bird was not a spy, it was said to have belonged to a Pakistani fisherman.

In 2016, a pigeon carrying a threatening message to Prime Minister Narendra Modi caused a stir in India.

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