VIDEO: A Russian brutally punched a four-year-old child in a supermarket


Russian investigators in the Kursk region are investigating an attack on a four-year-old child in a supermarket in the Russian city of Kurchatov. A 55-year-old man originally from Ingushetia punched a four-year-old boy in the head there for no reason and is suspected of attempting to murder a minor, the Russian agency RIA Novosti reported on Friday. A similar case happened at the beginning of January in a Moscow store.

Four-year-old cthe boy came to the shop with his parents on Thursday. You can see it on the videoas the man unexpectedly hits him in the head when the child falls. The boy’s mother pushed the attacker away, after which the father knocked him to the ground.

The police arrested the attacker and took him to the department in Kurčatov. He could not immediately explain his act because he was quite drunk. It turned out that he came to Kurčatov the day before because he wanted to find a job there.

“The man was arrested in a state of heavy alcohol intoxication. He then testified in the morning. According to him, he thought he was running into a dummy. He did not notice that the child was moving,” RIA Novosti quotes Russian investigators as saying.

According to the police, doctors examined the child and found that the boy did not suffer any serious injuries. He is now at home with his parents.

In connection with the attack on a boy in Kurchatov, the Russian website recalls a similar case that occurred in early January in Moscow.

Under similar circumstances, a native of Kyrgyzstan was detained here for an attack on a six-year-old girl in one of the Moscow shops. The video shows the man attacking her right in the mall saying “I’ll break her neck”. The father protected the child from the attacker. Criminal proceedings were initiated against the 43-year-old attacker for attempted murder. In court, the man objected to detention. He explained that he had threatened the girl while heavily drunk, but had no intention of killing her.

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