A Norwegian MP wants a Nobel Peace Prize for UNRWA, whose people participated in the massacre in Israel


Aukrust said he was nominated by the Palestine Refugee Agency “for his long-standing work in providing vital support to Palestine and the region in general,” according to the US Weekly.

“This work has been essential for more than 70 years and has become even more essential in the last three months,” said the deputy chairman of the Norwegian parliament’s foreign affairs committee, without mentioning the involvement of UNRWA workers in the Hamas terrorist attack.

Former US President Donald Trump was also nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize for the fourth time at the end of January. This time it was proposed by Claudia Tenney, a Republican member of the House of Representatives from the state of New York.

UNRWA payments are hot for terrorists who hate those who send them money

“Donald Trump was instrumental in facilitating the conclusion of the first peace agreements in the Middle East in almost 30 years,” said Tenneny, quoted by the US Fox News station.

The UNRWA scandal

At least 12 employees of this office were directly actively involved in the attack by the terrorist movement Hamas on October 7 last year, during which the terrorists murdered over 1,200 Israelis, mostly civilians. More than 260 people were abducted to the Gaza Strip, more than 130 of them still remain in captivity.

The American newspaper The New York Times reported that Israeli intelligence officers were able to trace the movements of six UN workers in the territory of the Jewish state on October 7 based on their phones. The other three were tracked down through phone calls inside Gaza, during which the Israelis said they discussed their involvement in the Hamas attack.

Israel presented evidence that UN staff were involved in the rampage of Hamas

The remaining operatives were said to have received text messages from Hamas command ordering them to report to the terrorists’ compound on October 7. According to the file, one of them was supposed to bring rocket-propelled grenades stored in his house.

Stop funding

In response to the scandal, almost 15 countries decided to suspend funding to the United Nations Office for Palestine Refugees (UNRWA), including its largest donor, the United States of America, which provided the office with $344 million (almost 7.9 billion crowns) last year.

The USA was also joined by Germany with 202 million dollars (over 4.6 billion crowns) or the European Union with 114 million dollars (over 2.6 billion crowns).

Financial aid was also suspended by Japan, France, Switzerland, Canada, Great Britain, the Netherlands, Austria, Finland, Iceland, Romania and Estonia.

Especially for Iceland, this is rather surprising news, this Nordic country has long supported the right of the Palestinians to their own state, in 2011 this small Nordic country was the first in Western Europe to recognize the state of Palestine within its 1967 borders.

The world is turning its back on Palestine after the UN staff-terrorist scandal


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