He injured 11 people, including children, with caustic. Britain is searching for a man who was granted asylum despite being sexually assaulted


Security camera footage shows the man running around the car before getting into the driver’s seat, with the woman and child standing in front of the vehicle. The man then drives the car into the woman and knocks her down, then stops the vehicle and gets out. He opens the back door and appears to pull out another child, then throws him to the ground.

“The lady then cried out, ‘My eyes! My eyes! Call the police, eyes!’ He then started running,” one of the witnesses described Thursday’s incident in the London district of Clapham to Sky News.

After years of trials, Britain has finally succeeded in deporting the accomplices of a mass rape

At the same time, the British media reported that the perpetrator apparently knew his victims. Other injuries were sustained by people who tried to help them. There are also three policemen among them. The injured girls and their mother suffered injuries that could last a lifetime, the Daily Mirror website reported, adding that the trio are now in hospital in a stable condition.

The wanted Ezedi first tried to drive away from the crime scene, but crashed into a parked vehicle and then ran away. He was last seen in North London, about 12 kilometers from the scene of the attack. Criminal investigators do not rule out that he will try to return to the city of Newcastle, from where he apparently came to the British capital.

At the same time, the detectives warned that the wanted man is dangerous and called on the residents not to try to stop him, but rather to report his movements to the police. She pointed out that after the attack, Ezedi has significant injuries on the right side of his face. The published security camera footage shows a threatening injury in the eye area.

After the conviction, a priest vouched for the Afghan

Ezedi slipped into Britain in 2016 in a lorry. In early 2018, he received a more than ten-month suspended sentence for sexual assault and exposure. Probation supervision over him ended in 2020, The Guardian newspaper wrote.

Ezedi only succeeded in applying for asylum for the third time, apparently in 2021 or 2022, the Daily Mirror wrote. At the time, the man claimed that he would be at risk of death if extradited to Afghanistan.

British authorities eventually granted his request, with assurances from a local priest apparently playing a key role that Ezedi had converted to Christianity and was “totally committed” to the new religion, Sky News reported.

The UK Home Office is now refusing to comment on Ezedi’s background, saying it was “inappropriate to comment on the suspect’s immigration status”, the Daily Mirror reported.

A British immigration official has been accused of being an illegal migrant himself

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