Only France and Italy are worth attacking in NATO, said the Russian propagandist

Only France and Italy are worth attacking in NATO, said the Russian propagandist
Only France and Italy are worth attacking in NATO, said the Russian propagandist

Why would Russia target NATO and the European Union? What then? To rule Amsterdam, where is the cocaine? What are the occupied soldiers going to do there? Are they going there to fight the drug trade? declared Treyakov in the center in a discussion program on the Rossiya 1 channel.

One of the other guests answered his question, but Treyakova asked if he meant that Russia would not go to the country where drugs are commonly used.

Attention, France, Italy!

Russian propagandists want to “save” you:
“If we have to attack someone for salvation, there are only two countries – France and Italy, where the main wealth of European, West European, Central European culture is concentrated. This is where there is

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There is always something legalized somewhere, for example pedophilia and LGBT. Why would we want to? To teach them correct, healthy moral standards, because they dreamed them? Regardless of all other aspects: economically, they are fed, stressed, and so on, replied Treyakov.

In turn, however, he suggested that Russia should attack a NATO country worth saving. If we can rely on anyone for protection, it is only two countries, France and Italy, where the main wealth of Western and Central European culture is present. There is something to save, he said.

Anton Geraenko, adviser to the Ukrainian Ministry of the Interior, responded to his words on Thursday. Italy and France beware

Kremlin propagandist since the outbreak of the Russian invasion of Ukraine about possible attack on NATO. According to them, Russia has a long way to go in retaliation for the military and material aid that the Alliance with the USA sent to Ukraine.

One Russian agitator, Vladimir Solovyov, among other things, repeatedly suggested dropping a nuclear bomb on the Ukrainian-Polish border, called for the de-Nazification of the Baltics, or had Moscow bomb Germany.

Analysts from the American Institute for the Study of the Wolf (ISW) said in January that they had not seen any indication that, according to them, NATO would be threatened by a direct flow from Russia. They warned, however, that Russian President Vladimir Putin was preparing for future escalation against the Baltic countries. Estonian Prime Minister Kaja Kallasov then predicted that the Alliance has ten to five years to prepare for the military threat to Eastern Europe from Russia.

The fact that the Russian threat should not be underestimated has been said by several officials in recent weeks. The commander of the logistics center of the Alliance, General Alexander Sollfrank, warned this week that in the event of an attack on NATO, Russia would go not only to the front lines, but also to tl. European cities would become targets of Russian missiles and drones.

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