Germany has come close to legalizing cannabis, the law could apply as early as April

Germany has come close to legalizing cannabis, the law could apply as early as April
Germany has come close to legalizing cannabis, the law could apply as early as April

The sale and cultivation of hemp has been prohibited in Germany for more than 40 years. As of April 1, it should be removed from the list of prohibited substances in the Narcotic Substances Act. Now, adults will be allowed to grow and grow a certain amount of hemp for their own use. From the 1st edition of the law, there are also clubs for common breeding hemp.

The German government coalition agreed on the principles of legalization in the fall, but has yet to discuss the details. Now she agreed to write down the functionality of the law, the first evaluated government promises for a year of activity instead of the original years.

Deniers of the law warn against decriminalizing the dealer and increasing the work for the police. The concern will be the absence of a limit for the consumption of cannabis in connection with women.

Situation in esk

In Esk there is now, as in Germany, a bed of dried hemp for the production of beer. It can be prescribed by selected doctors, for example, to patients with chronic pain, multiple sclerosis, cancer and AIDS.

Cultivating hemp for personal use is a misdemeanor or a punishable offense depending on the quantity of cultivated plants. Cultivating more than five plants is a criminal offence. Possession of less than ten grams of pork, manufacture, etc. loaded with narcotic substances is also punishable.

Currently, a government draft law on the regulation of cannabis is being prepared. Originally it was supposed to contain a regulated market, in the first version of the law there are rules for self-sustaining and the establishment of cannabis clubs. According to exponent Petr Pleva, editor of the think tank, the rational policy of legalizing hemp will not completely eliminate the black market, but according to foreign experience, the situation will change dramatically, because the clientele will move to legal sources.

The National Economic Council of the Government has repeatedly recommended the establishment of a legally regulated hemp market. According to him, an extremely repressive approach to drugs freezes the market and does not manifest itself in limited consumption or reduced code.

However, in his programmatic analysis, he believes that the regulation of addictive substances will correspond to their toxicity. Last year, it approved the full fight against addiction with measures until the end of 2025. It will introduce a regulated market for cannabis pot.

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