Hamas planned to turn the Eiffel Tower into a minaret


Israelis also discovered a poster depicting the famous Parisian landmark with its tip converted into a minaret, among documents about the Eiffel Tower they found in a house in Shaija, Gaza Strip. The poster also has a caption that explains how “Hamas will get into every home and every building,” according to The Jerusalem Post.

Soldiers from the Jiftach Brigade, who found the documents, handed them over to Israeli President Yitzchak Herzog as a “warning”. They were reservists who met the president and his wife Míkal in connection with their return from the fighting in Gaza and preparations for leaving the army for civilian life.

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Eiffel Tower. illustrative photo

As part of the Israeli offensive in the Gaza Strip launched after the October incursion of Hamas into Israel, where terrorists murdered 1,200 people and took another 240 hostage, the Jiftach Brigade operates in the Issa neighborhood in the western part of Gaza City and in the Shayjaya refugee camp. According to The Jerusalem Post, it targets underground tunnels and other terrorist infrastructure in these neighborhoods.


Israeli President Yitzchak Herzog receives a poster with the Eiffel Tower depicted as a minaret presented to him by soldiers from the Jiftach Brigade,

Documents from the refugee camp are far from the first find from the “workshop” of terrorists. Right at the beginning of the fighting with Hamas last October, members of the Israeli security forces found an eight-page manual with the slain terrorists with a detailed description of how to proceed during an invasion and how to sort the hostages. The instructions in it were divided into several chapters. They advised the terrorists to cause as much chaos as possible, to shoot problematic hostages who wanted to fight back and use the rest as human shields.

Hamas could nod to a hostage deal if it receives guarantees of a ceasefire


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