The American woman has already saved her mother’s life twice, donating her kidney and a piece of liver


When 71-year-old Julia Harlin discovered that her liver was failing, she called all five of her children together and told them emphatically that she did not want any of them to become their donor. However, the 39-year-old daughter Eileen and another of her siblings did not pay attention to this and had themselves tested. And it turned out that Eileen was a suitable donor, the only one the doctors had on file at the time.

Julia found out on Mother’s Day 2022 and tried to deny it, but it was no use to her. In August, the two women met at the hospital, where doctors removed part of Eileen’s liver and transplanted it to her mother. Julia was convinced that nothing in the world could surpass her daughter’s generosity.

But in connection with the non-functioning liver, Julia also started having problems with her kidneys, the condition of which deteriorated considerably after about a year. Last September, she was hospitalized and the search for a suitable donor began again. And Eileen turned out to be the only option.

In the hospital, Julia was told outright that even if a suitable deceased donor appeared, she would not receive a kidney from him due to her age, younger patients would be preferred. In addition, she could not even undergo dialysis because, according to the doctors’ opinion, it would damage the liver, which Julia received a year earlier.

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“We were pressed for time, so I told my mom I’m just going to do it no matter what,” Eileen told The Washington Post. And she added that organ donation is just a small price to pay for seeing mom healthy and happy. Her decision was also supported by the fact that she is single and has no children, unlike her other siblings.

According to Dr. Daniel Maluf, who performed both transplants at the University of Maryland Medical Center in Baltimore, everything went smoothly and Julia will now be able to live a completely normal life again. There will only be checks for a while.

Eileen is currently thinking about what small thing to please her mother on the occasion of the approaching Valentine’s Day, she is deciding between flowers and chocolate. “I probably won’t give her another organ,” predicts the outlook for the near future.

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