Her influence continues to grow. Taylor Swift can change the US presidential election


America is crazy about Taylor Swift. The singer has an extremely successful concert series behind her, which was also the subject of a film. Fans follow her every step of the way. But some now fear that Swift could influence the presidential election that will be held in America at the end of the year.

According to some, the American singer Taylor Swift could influence the presidential election.

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Recently, there has been a lot of discussion on the Internet about whether the rocket support of the pop star Taylor Swift, behind the hits Shake It Off and Blank Space, could decide the next the American president. The results of the elections four years ago suggest that this theory may not be divorced from reality.

Can Taylor Swift influence the presidential election?

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The results of a survey conducted by Redfield & Wilton Strategies for the Newsweek portal also testify to the singer’s significant influence. Eighteen percent of voters polled said they were likely to vote for a candidate supported by the famous singer, with forty-five percent of respondents identifying as her fans and 54 percent not. “It has influenced popular culture, sports and the economy of the US regions. So why not politics and elections,” said communications consultant James Haggerty.

Political influence

At the same time, according to the survey, Taylor Swift has an influence mainly on young people, up to the age of 35. It is these voters who will play an important role in the following elections.

An event from last fall also points to the influence of the singer. In September, she posted on social media asking her 278 million fans to vote. A record 30,000 people subsequently registered on the Vote.org website following her call.

The Guardian adds that the singer avoided discussing politics at the beginning of her career. But that changed in 2018. At the time, she publicly supported Democratic candidates in Tennessee. Two years later, she made it clear that she supported Joe Biden, which is believed to have helped him win. Younger voters voted Democratic that year. But because of Biden’s strategy in the war between Israel and Hamas, more and more young people are now leaning in on Trump’s side.

According to USA Today, experts predict that the same number of young people will vote in the presidential election this year as four years ago. So far, Swift remains neutral on the candidates and has not yet endorsed Biden’s re-election.

Anything is possible in America

Expert Haggerty noted that media and social networks are the main organizing framework of many Americans’ lives. And in such a world, the voices of celebrities really resonate – thus their power to influence votes in elections has also increased. “In a world where a reality TV star can become president, it makes perfect sense,” he noted, referring to Donald Trump, who has been a producer on The Apprentice for nearly a decade.

University of Western Ontario expert Keir Keightly said that behind the influence Taylor Swift there may be an even greater movement that transcends it. “It’s a wave of feminism. The ideas of young girls will have a very strong position in the elections in the next twenty years,” he stated.

Celebrities have influenced the public with their political views in the past. An example is the open support of Barack Obama in 2008 by the presenter Oprah Winfrey, which, according to statistics, brought him over a million votes.

Political reactions

Representatives of the conservative group of voters have already reacted to Taylor Swift’s influence and possible influence in the elections. For example, FOX News anchor Jesse Watters has publicly speculated that the singer is being used by Pentagon officials for a psychological operation aimed at influencing the public to vote a certain way.

US President Joe Biden launched his re-election campaign last year:

Biden launched his re-election campaign. Give me a chance to finish the job, he asks

Former FBI special agent Stuart Kaplan acknowledged the influence of the artist. “He has so many supporters that he can potentially influence voters,” he concluded.

The vice president of the European Commission Margaritis Schinas also commented on the situation, who called on the singer to encourage young people to participate in the upcoming European Union elections.

Super Bowl led by Swift

According to some Swift it also influenced the world in the United States of extremely popular American football. A few months ago, she started dating Kansas City Chiefs player Travis Kelce. When she started showing up at stadiums cheering on her boyfriend, reports abounded that viewership and support for the Kansas City Chiefs skyrocketed.

Ex-president Donald Trump would also like to take part in the presidential election:

Trump is ineligible to run for the White House, the Colorado Supreme Court has ruled

But now the whole thing has taken another turn. “The love story of a music superstar and a football player became the subject of conspiracy theories after the Kansas City Chiefs advanced to the Super Bowl. There have been a myriad of unsubstantiated rumors on social media — one of which is that the Chiefs’ success was rigged,” according to the AP.

University lessons and deepfake porn

Since Taylor Swift is a major influence on the current American pop culture scene, in the coming months she will be taught at many major American universities, including the prestigious Harvard.

Her fake scandal also made headlines porn images that spread on social networks. Pornographic photos were created using tools artificial intelligence. Sexually explicit deepfakes received over 27 million views in nineteen hours on the X network.

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