They threatened a new disease from Davos. Ivan Hoffman sees many suspicious things


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IVAN HOFFMAN’S VIEW On news from the World Economic Forum in Davos, Ivan Hoffman was intrigued by information about a new disease that may be coming. It hasn’t arrived yet, but it was still rumored to be twenty times deadlier than covid. Which doesn’t exactly sound credible. Especially if it is known that the participants of the forum in Davos have recently favored a number of strange views about humanity and its future.


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At the World Economic Forum in Davos, a disease that is known only to be coming and to be 20 times more deadly than covid received a lot of attention. Since this is a hypothetical disease that does not originate from any specific virus, the exact prognosis of mortality is suspect. It is also suspicious why this non-existent disease has caught the attention of economists. It creates the feeling that disease X offers an interesting business opportunity. After all, the head of AstraZeneca also took part in the debate, who complains that little money is being invested in the prevention of disease X.

The World Health Organization (WHO) is lobbying for the purchase of a new roof for a house that has not yet burned down. He says that scaremongering about pandemics is not scaremongering, but we have seen in the past how fear has allowed politicians to curtail civil liberties citing health risks and make illegal decisions in a panic. The WHO itself did not seem twice as credible with its chaotic comments in the covid story.

WHO is a UN agency and half of it is funded by member states. But the other half is financed by the private sector. The influence of NGOs, pharmaceutical companies and foundations represents a conflict of interest. This is exacerbated by political interventions, as was the case with the USA, which left the WHO in protest against the agency’s approach to China.


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Politicization is also taking place in the debate on the pandemic treaty, which, according to the WHO, should prevent the spread of the disease and the outbreak of a new pandemic. Disease X is a project of a common enemy against which the globalists want to orchestrate a common international defense. Only mandatory. The head of the WHO puts it bluntly: “This is a common global interest and very narrow national interests should not get mixed up in it.” But the pandemic contract is a typical blank check that will tempt the owner to pay a huge amount. With such a binding contract in hand, it would be a shame for health marketers to delay the pandemic, because every delay means lost profit.

In addition to experts on the development of disease X, there are also scientists who have long warned against irresponsible experimentation with various pathogens. They warn of the risk that man-made deadly viruses can escape from laboratories. Today, one can think aloud that this happened in the case of covid. It is also no secret that biological weapons are being developed in military laboratories that are not at risk of accidental release because they are released on purpose.

The main risk today is not the pandemic itself. People who profit from pandemics are at risk. It is worth pondering whether to be more afraid of scientists, fascinated by killers under a microscope, or of celebrities who announced the pandemic in Davos as a fait accompli. In the past, a fanatic who wants to decimate the overpopulated humanity was a negative character in a Hollywood movie. Today, the important sponsor of the WHO, Bill Gates, discusses this topic.

Disease X, combined with some X vaccine, would ideally reduce the human population. And the idea that overpopulation of homo sapiens is an ecological threat to the planet, and that it’s time to do something about it, resonates with the jet owners who flock to Davos.

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