“Macron’s agenda sends chills down my spine.” Fico convenes the leaders of the state before the EU and NATO negotiations


Slovak Prime Minister Robert Fico convened the State Security Council and the government on Monday morning, he also wants to negotiate with coalition partners. He did so in connection with the planned meeting of partners from the EU and NATO in Paris, where the situation in Ukraine should be discussed, writes the Slovak website Standart.sk. “The information about the topics we will discuss on Monday gives me chills. That’s why I have to talk to the security, intelligence and political components of the state in the morning,” said the prime minister.

French President Emmanuel Macron is hosting a summit of European prime ministers and government officials on Monday. The topic should be the support of Ukraine. The summit was reported by the Elysee Palace on Thursday and Robert Fico made a dramatic video about it on Sunday evening.

According to him, the West has two options, either further escalation of tensions and military support for Ukraine, or present a meaningful peace plan. Fico expects the first option and suggests that the topic could be the deployment of NATO troops in Ukraine. “Even if my position were to cost me the post of prime minister, I will do everything to prevent the direct involvement of Slovak soldiers in Ukraine,” declared Fico.

In connection with the Macron summit, the Slovak prime minister wants to convene the State Security Council, an extraordinary meeting of the government and the coalition council on Monday before leaving for Paris. Fico is worried that NATO states want to propose something that would mean a “total escalation of tensions” in Ukraine and “another limitless financial and military aid” to Ukraine.

Macron described the summit as a “combat meeting”, according to Fico, the French president called it hastily. It is to be attended by all EU member states and representatives of NATO members who are not part of the EU. Czech Prime Minister Petr Fiala will also fly to Paris. German Chancellor Olaf Scholz, British Foreign Minister David Cameron, Polish President Andrzej Duda and Dutch Prime Minister Mark Rutte will take part in the summit.

In his speech, Fico criticized the EU’s approach to Ukraine

In a speech on Saturday on the occasion of the second anniversary of the war in Ukraine, Robert Fico said that “in the flood of statements supporting the killing of Ukrainians and Russians and the naive belief that the conflict in Ukraine has only a military solution, it seems appropriate to say something else.”

Again, the West’s bid to win Ukraine’s war with Russia has failed, but the West cannot admit that its strategy of prolonging the conflict by massively supporting Ukraine with money and arms and sanctions against Russia is not working. According to him, Russia is not on its knees, neither politically nor economically, it achieved greater territorial gains in the war than Ukraine and also adapted military production to new conditions.

According to Fitz, the only thing war brings is thousands of killed and maimed Ukrainians and Russians. The war represents a violation of international law, but according to him, it started already in 2014 “with the rule of Ukrainian neo-Nazis”.

Fico also criticized the European Union, whose only plan, according to the prime minister, is to support the “mutual killing of Slavs” but is not using its weight to push for an immediate ceasefire and make peace. Among the causes of the Russian invasion of Ukraine, he also included Russia’s alleged deception that NATO would not expand further to the east, and that Ukraine’s possible entry into NATO was a good basis for the third world war. And to the rhetorical question of what will happen in a year, he himself answered that the Ukrainian and Russian cemeteries will be filled even more and there will again be “stupid speeches” about how Ukraine is fighting for the freedom and independence of Slovakia.

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