From looking for hostages to tracking. Israel uses facial recognition in Gaza

From looking for hostages to tracking. Israel uses facial recognition in Gaza
From looking for hostages to tracking. Israel uses facial recognition in Gaza

According to a source in The New York Times, the program relies on the technology of the Israeli company Corsight and the Google Photos service. Together, allow the Israeli army to identify Palestinians in the crowd and on the ground from drones. People who know about the program have said that they don’t talk to him because they consider it a waste of time and resources.

According to the source of the American newspaper, the Israelis are using technology to mass-surveillance of Palestinians. It collects and catalogs the records of the residents of Psma Gaza, without their knowledge and consent.

According to the newspaper, the technology was originally used to kill the Israelis kidnapped by Hamas in January. After the Israeli army launched a ground offensive, they are now working to root out those with ties to Hamas and other militant groups. One of the officers told the newspaper that sometimes the technology for searching for female fighters of a terrorist movement will correctly identify civilians.

Denk The New York Times interviewed one of the Gazans, Mosab Abu Toha. He stated that on November 19, Israeli soldiers pulled him from the crowd. day he did not show them his identity document, yet within 30 minutes they addressed him by his full name. He added that he has no connection with the Hams movement.

I had no idea what was going on and how it was possible that he suddenly knew my whole name, she said. Later they blindfolded him and interrogated him, he described the letter. After his release, he was told that his interrogation was a mistake, although the army claimed that he had been detained because of intelligence that indicated contact between several civilians and terrorist organizations in the Gaza Strip.

Israeli news sources said that the Bosnian woman was identified as a Hamsa agent by someone from the city of Beit Lahia in northern Gaza, where he went with his family. The officers added that no specific intelligence information was attached to his file that would explain his connection with Hams.

A spokesman for the Israeli army declined to comment on the activities in Gaza. He stated that the army will carry out the necessary security and intelligence operations by developing known forces to minimize attacks on the civilian population.

In this context, of course, we cannot talk about operative and intelligence means, he added.

At first, the organization Amnesty International pointed out last year that Israel will use technology to identify the area in the West Bank and East Jerusalem.

While in the West Bank and in East Jerusalem, according to the newspaper, they scan the streets with the help of smartphone applications and high-resolution cameras, in the Gaza Strip, the Israeli army relied on reports from drones, wiretapping and images from social media until the current conflict.

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