VIDEO: He was threatened with death for burning a Koran, now a critic of Islam has been found dead in Norway



Refugee, political activist and critic of Islam Salwan Momika, who applied for asylum in Norway a week ago, was found dead in the same country on Tuesday. A year ago, the Iranian-born went on a demonstrative drive around Sweden burning copies of the Koran, prompting widespread criticism from Islamists. Momika faced pressure and death threats from his homeland, which he decided to solve by leaving the country and applying for Norwegian asylum.

The fugitive from Iraq led Iraqi militias and fought against the Islamic State, but after fleeing the country became famous as a fierce critic of Islam. Momika burned the Koran at his demonstrations and advocated total freedom of speech. Because of this, he also moved from Sweden to Norway, where he was supposed to find greater security.

According to the latest information from India Today, Salwan Momika should be dead. The police allegedly found him in Norway.

Momik described himself as a liberal atheist critic and thinker. An Iraqi living in Sweden, Salwan Momika, who burned copies of the Koran at demonstrations in Stockholm last year, left Sweden because the Swedish authorities revoked his residence permit. The Swedish Migration Agency decided that he should be expelled from the country, but due to threats from Iraq, he was granted a temporary residence permit until April 2024. Iraq already requested Momik’s extradition in September due to “desecration of the holy book of Islam”.

Several of these actions have been taken by Salwan Momika, a Christian refugee from Iraq who says his goal is to protest against the entire institution of Islam and have the religion’s holy book banned. “I left Sweden because of the persecution I faced from government authorities,” Momika said in a statement quoted by AFP. According to him, Sweden’s claims about defending freedom of speech and human rights are a big lie.

The Swedish immigration authority revoked Momik’s permanent residence permit last October, pointing out that the Iraqi had provided false information in the original application. But his deportation was suspended, taking into account Momiko’s claim that his life could be in danger in his native country.

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