Soros gave the money. They wandered, wandered, until they came to people who were not necessarily Jews…


As is known, financier George Soros sponsors various foundations. In the USA it is, for example, Tides, which, according to Fox News, sponsors all the activities of left-wing non-profit organizations. And that includes those aimed at supporting Palestine and against Israel. Part of Soros’s 22 million dollars, which he donated to the Tides company, apparently went to Joe Biden’s lawsuit that he does not prevent genocide, or to demonstrations against Israel.


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The current situation in Gaza, in which thousands of Palestinian civilians are dying, is causing worldwide protests against Israel and the government of Benjamin Netanyahu. Even in the traditionally pro-Israel United States, where political scientists declare Joe Biden’s silence regarding Israel’s actions to be one of his biggest weaknesses, which could harm him in the upcoming presidential elections.

A number of non-profit organizations are behind the protests. But organizing protests comes at a cost. According to Fox News, non-profit organizations are funded through the Tides organization, which was supposed to send them over $700 million last year. “Tides is a non-profit and philanthropic organization dedicated to promoting social justice. Together with our partners, we move resources and power to communities that have historically been denied both, enabling transformational change to happen,” he says this organization.

In a Fox News report however, they pointed out that who funds the organization remains mostly secret. However, they are said to be the richest foundations and individuals. According to the Capital Research Center, which monitors financial flows, financier George Soros donated $22 million (more than half a billion crowns) to this organization. One CRC worker told Fox News that “if the left is doing it, Tides is funding it.”

From Tides, according to Fox News, $650,000 went to “Jewish Voice for Peace,” an organization calling for protests, another $710,000 to another organization that held its protest on Capitol Hill, or $38,000 to an organization that sued Biden for “did not prevent genocide”. According to the CRC, Tides has sent a total of $2 million in recent years to “organizations sympathetic to Hamas and the Palestinian resistance.” And Tides also sponsored organizations that demanded that the US stop supporting Israel militarily.

The Soros organization has already said that they condemn Hamas and that they want “a future where the rights and freedoms of all are respected.”

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author: Karel Šebesta


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