They probably tortured him. A Chechen man detained after an attack near Moscow died at a police station


The day after the March 22 attack in Krasnogorsk, Russia’s FSB secret service announced the arrest of eleven suspects, including four alleged perpetrators. So far, ten accused have appeared before the court, which has taken them into custody.

The four alleged attackers were brought to court with obvious signs of torture, according to media reports, which Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov declined to comment on. According to the portal, the martyred Chechen may have been the eleventh suspect.

The Agency server also reported that Uspanov died at the police station a few hours after his arrest. Taisa Uspanova announced her son’s death to him. According to her version, Uspanov was detained by the police while he was on his way to his wife, whom he called twice more on his mobile phone.

Almost a hundred people are still missing after a terrorist attack near Moscow


The second time he asked her to come to the police for him and stated that he had been rude to the officers. When the woman arrived two hours later, officers told her that her husband was “no more.” When she wondered how that was possible when she had talked to him a while ago, the policeman, according to Uspanov’s mother, replied: “You talked, but you won’t anymore.”

He didn’t come home from work

Uspanov, who was about 30 years old and worked on a construction site in the Russian capital, was returning home from work. While waiting for the bus, unknown masked men pounced on him at the bus stop, and he naturally resisted them. Only later did it become clear that they were members of the security forces who detained the Chechens on suspicion of participating in a terrorist attack, reported Novaya Gazeta Jevropa.

At the same time, the portal refers to the banned Chechen organization National Movement Adat, according to which Uspanov was also known by the name Aschab Kasuyev. After his arrest, he was tortured, four ribs and a vertebra were broken, bruises were left everywhere on his body and strangulation marks on his neck. After several hours of torture, the detainee died, according to Adat, who says police are trying to brush the death investigation under the carpet as an “unfortunate accident” or brand Uspanov as a terrorist. His relatives buried him in Chechnya.

Bruises and a severed ear in detainees after the attack in Moscow? The Kremlin does not comment


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