Russia was fooled by faulty Iranian drones from a secret deal, the Americans revealed

The purchase of combat drones from Iran, according to a US government official, points to deepening relations between Russia and Iran and difficulties in the supply of military equipment.

According to information from US intelligence, Russian airliners were carrying at least two types of drones capable of attacking radars, artillery and other military targets from Iran. It is supposed to be drones from the Mohajer-6 and Shahed series.

Russia is angry about drones

Although the supply of drones would greatly help Russia in the war, just their transportation from Iran was accompanied by technical complications. During the initial tests carried out by the Russians, they showed malfunctions, a source from the US government revealed to the newspaper.

“There were several errors in the system,” said an anonymous source whose country oversaw the transfer of Iranian drones. “The Russians are not happy,” added the security official, who spoke on condition of anonymity because he disclosed sensitive intelligence information.

The Turkish company Baykar will produce drones in Ukraine


Iranian officials do not want to directly confirm the agreement on the purchase of drones. Iran’s Foreign Minister Hossein Amir-Abdollahian admitted in July that Tehran had “arranged various types of cooperation with Russia, including those in the defense sector.” Nevertheless, the spokeswoman of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs assured that Iran prefers a diplomatic solution to the Russian invasion of Ukraine. Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov declined to comment on the drone deal when asked by The Washington Post.

According to the newspaper, Iranian technicians traveled to Russia to help set up drone systems. Russian soldiers were then supposed to undergo exercises in Iran, where they learned how to handle them.

The key role of drones in Ukraine

An Iran deal could significantly help Russia in Ukraine; the attacked country used Turkish Bayraktar TB2 drones for precision attacks on military targets. Although Russia has up to 2,000 surveillance drones, it apparently has only a small number of attack drones. According to Sam Bendett, an expert on the Russian military at the US research group CNA, this points to the failure of the Russians to develop their own series of combat drones. “They understand that they needed the drones in large quantities yesterday,” he commented on the delivery from Iran.

“These Iranian drones have not yet been operational in an air defense environment,” pointed out Michael Knights, a military expert at the Washington Institute for Near East Policy.

“The closest they came to that was when they were deployed against Saudi Arabia or US bases in Iraq, and they generally didn’t do well. So I wouldn’t be surprised if they had problems in a slightly more intense environment – like Ukraine,” Knights explained.

Bayraktar retreat from glory, succeeding in disrupting them


Thanks to an agreement negotiated with Turkey, Ukraine received a number of Bayraktar BT2 drones from Baykar. The company even donated several drones to the attacked country.

Turkish drones struck Russian infantry fighting vehicles, helicopters and ships. At the end of July, however, news came that the Russians were managing to disrupt them, so Ukraine limited their deployment. Nevertheless, the transfer of Bayraktar drone production to Ukraine is planned. Ukrainian representatives have not revealed whether the problem with drone interference has been resolved.

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