Musk found another argument for not buying Twitter

In the letter, Musk expands his arguments for canceling the agreement by the claims of former Twitter security chief Peiter Zatko that the company prioritizes user growth over curbing spam and provides false information about its cyber security.

If the allegations are true, then Twitter has violated certain terms of the takeover agreement, Musk and his lawyers said in a letter dated Aug. 29. However, Twitter said it had not breached any of its contractual obligations and reiterated its intention to push for the transaction to be completed at the agreed price.

Dispute over fake accounts

The first letter terminating the deal was sent by Musk and his lawyers to Twitter on July 8. At the time, they justified the cancellation of the agreement by the fact that the company did not provide data regarding fake and spam accounts on its eponymous social network.

Musk has made no secret from the start that he wants to purge Twitter of fake accounts to make it “a better place for users.” However, he did not disclose any specific plans to address the issue. However, this could be achieved by requiring every Twitter account to be verified, which would basically completely exclude anonymous users from the game.

Musk has not given up on buying Twitter. But it has one condition

Internet and PC

Twitter sued Musk after canceling the deal. “Musk – a billionaire founder of several companies who is advised by Wall Street bankers and lawyers – claims Twitter tricked him into signing a $44 billion merger deal. This is an improbable story that contradicts the facts,” reads a message that Twitter published last month.

Musk has filed a countersuit, demanding that the court allow him to back out of the deal without paying an agreed-upon fee of $1 billion due to Twitter’s alleged breach of terms. The trial is scheduled to begin on October 17.

Musk is the head of Tesla and the richest person in the world. According to the index of billionaires compiled by the Bloomberg agency, the current value of his assets reaches 251 billion dollars (over six trillion CZK).

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