The Ukrainians carved mock-ups of HIMARS, the Russians are shooting at them

According to available photos and statements obtained by the newspaper, Ukrainians make all traps out of wood. But through the lenses of Russian drones, these models are indistinguishable from real missile systems.

“When a drone detects a missile system, it is a VIP target,” one Ukrainian official told WP.

Nothing causes more problems for Russia than HIMARS


The Ukrainians have been using the tactic of deceptive targets for several weeks, but recently they have been using it more. Russia has already wasted at least ten Kalibr missiles on them.

The Washington Post notes that the destruction of the mock-ups may explain the unusually high numbers of “destroyed” HIMARS systems that the Russians are boasting about. “They claim they hit more HIMARS than we delivered,” noted one US diplomat.

Putin bypasses Shoigu, the minister lacks military experience

The war in Ukraine

Shoigu rages: Destroy the Ukrainians’ long-range weapons, it’s a priority


HIMARS systems are credited with helping blunt Russian advances in eastern and southern Ukraine. It is not for nothing that last month Russian Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu ordered generals to prioritize targeting these systems because they interfere with key supply routes for the Russian military.

The Pentagon claims to have provided Ukraine with a total of 16 HIMARS systems with a range of 80 km. According to the US, Ukrainian soldiers can use the systems with “devastating accuracy and efficiency”.

The American newspaper reminds that the use of mock-ups in armed conflicts is nothing new. For example, Russia has inflatable MiG-31 fighters and mock-ups of S-300 anti-aircraft systems.

More information about the war in Ukraine

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